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It is common knowledge amongst Walmart customers that their live fish are notorious for not living long, the tanks are rarely cleaned, and the time you have to wait to have an employee retrieve one for you is ridiculously long.

After several complaints from myself and others at several stores, these problems continue. The bottom line is that if they are not concerned about taking care of the animals they have for sale, then they should not be selling them. Please join in asking them to simply stop selling fish since they apparently feel that cleaning the tanks and removing dead fish is not important.

Fish are live animals that deserve to be taken care of, not allowed to languish in filthy conditions.


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      james returns
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      Walmart has issued a statement responding to this petition: "Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We looked into this further and while we currently do not have plans to discontinue all sales of betta fish and other live fish, we continually reassess our product offerings in order to be responsive to our customers evolving needs.Walmart is dedicated to ensuring that all live fish sold in our stores are treated humanely and sheltered in sanitary conditions. We recognize the need for appropriate care and have set specific policies and processes for each of our stores to follow, which we monitor on a continual basis for compliance."
      I went to a local Walmart just two days ago and observed hundreds of dead fish, with at least a dozen dead ones in every tank. New picture for petition is a picture I took of a couple dozen dead ones clogging a filter intake.
      The letter of this petition is clear and simple, and we should all encourage our net friends to sign it.


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    • Janis Bowen MCKINNEY, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      Walmart's cruelty towards the fish it sells needs to stop. They have no concern for the well being of the fish they sell. They are only looking to make a profit. Stop Walmart from selling fish!!!

    • Barbara Watson WINOOSKI, VT
      • over 2 years ago

      I recently had a manager tell me he'd read up on fish just the night before and found that bettas liked muddy water! After having fish in his store for years he's just now reading up on how they should be cared for? And where did he find the misinformation that bettas thrived in muddy water? They're air breathers so they need clean water and access to air. All of this was in response to my complaint after finding 19 -which was half of the bettas in stock -dead on the shelf! And some had been deadbfor a couple of days according to the disintergration of their bodies. This is torture! Please stop this cruelty by no longer selling fish or any other live animal in Walmart stores!

    • JoAnn Nichols BURLINGTON, VT
      • over 2 years ago

      I am a humane investigator and often receive concerns about the lack of quality of care for the fish. Frequently, dead fish are involved. If this were a store with puppies or kittens who died of lack of care, there would be massive public outrage. Fish are a sentient beings as well, and deserve the same standards of care.

    • Patrick McKone KEYSER, WV
      • over 2 years ago

      I have purchased several fish from the store. There is never anyone one person or group of people with training to handle the fish, treat the fish or even properly take care of them. Every single fish from the store I have ever bought is dead, but for some reason every fish from anywhere else is alive. I am tired of the corporate shadow that lingers over Wal-mart, do something right for a change instead of something for the mighty dollar. Invest in product quality and America for a change. Whatever happened to pride?

    • James Hicks KNOXVILLE, TN
      • over 2 years ago

      I worked for walmart, and directly in the pet department. The tanks were hardly ever cleaned, and never fed on time like they were supposed to be. Management doesn't involve itself in the problem long as they aren't losing too much in profits. At least 60 percent of all the fish that come in are dead before they are sold, and that's by the time they get to us. Practices such as these (along with many others) are why I no longer work for them. Every living creature deserves to be taken care of and to not be mistreated. If Walmart is going to continue to choose to sell live animals, they should be held accountable for the needless deaths that they are directly responsible for.


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