Ask the University of Florida athletes to make an "It Gets Better" video.
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Dr. Bernie Machen (University Pres.) & Jeremy Foley (Director of Athletics)
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Ask the University of Florida athletes to make an "It Gets Better" video.

    1. Sarah Kupka
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      Sarah Kupka

      Blue Springs, MO

I want to petition the University of Florida to make an "It gets better" video, and I need your help.
If you haven't already seen the "It gets better" advertisements on TV, then go to youtube and look them up. The videos have included world renown music artists, famous actors and actresses, and well-known pro-athletes. They all have stood up to let everyone know, "It gets better."
I believe the University of Florida is one of the most diverse colleges in the United States today. Not only does the University has a reputation as having a great academic program, but the sports and the teams at the University of Florida make the Gator Nation renown as one of the toughest sports rivals in the country.
Because so many people look up to these athletes, I would like to show a greater and deeper side to them. Let's show the world that bullying is not ok. Help take a stand against anti-gay bullying and let your voice be heard!

I think this is important because the Florida Gators have some of the best teams in college today. They rank in the top 10 in almost every sport! To show how a diverse group of people from every sport  (Football, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball & Softball, Cross Country, Track & Field, Golf, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Swimming & Diving, Tennis, and Volleyball) come together to unite for a good cause and to show that being different is ok and it gets better. It is very inspiring, especially when it's a team that everyone looks up to.

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