Ask the Toronto Maple Leafs to make an "It Gets Better" Video
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Ask the Toronto Maple Leafs to make an "It Gets Better" Video

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      Victoria Clowater

      Fredericton, Canada


Many of us are aware of the It Gets Better Project ( started by Dan Savage in 2010, and directed at gay, trans, and questioning youth who struggle with issues of acceptance, many of whom contemplate suicide. Since then, over 10,000 videos have been made by public figures, organizations, leaders and everyday people.

Very recently, San Fransisco Giants Fan Sean Chapin decided to start a petition to mobilize the team to create their own It Gets Better video. After his petition recieved 6000 signatures, he was successful, and the Giants became the first professional sports team to commit to making such a video.

THIS IS AN INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT ADVANCEMENT FOR LGBT RIGHTS! Homophobia is a huge problem in the world of professional sports. Not one male player in the four North American pro sports league has come out as gay, and there several cases of gay men hiding their sexuality in professional sports only to come out after retirement (examples include Esera Tuaolo, a former Defensive Lineman for the NFL and John Amaechi, a former NBA player). The homophobic culture of professional sports can and does trickle down to all levels of youth sports as well.

The Giants' willingness to make an anti-bullying video signals a cultural shift both in pro sports and in our society. but it will only be a game changer if other pro teams follow their lead! With your help, we can change the sports world forever.

Help me to catalyze change by signing below and urging my favourite NHL team to be the second major pro sports team, the first NHL team, and the first Canadian team to stand up and say a loud and resounding NO to Homophobia!


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      Rubgy player Ben Cohen commences "Acceptance Tour" aiming to fight homophobia in sports.

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