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Chairman Wilkinson and the Colorado Water Conservation Board

Ask The State Of Colorado To Protect The Green And Colorado Rivers, Say No To Flaming Gorge Pipeline

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      Save The Colorado

September 2011


As a result of intense public pressure and more than 21,000 comments by supporters of this petition, the Colorado Water Conservation Board decided on September 14th to cut in 1/3 proposed funding to study the Flaming Gorge Pipeline. It also chose to limit the scope of the study to months rather than years.

In addition, the Board issued this statement saying that its vote does not mean it supports the Pipeline: "this vote was not an affirmation of the project itself, or any aspect of it, but the approval of a process to encourage roundtable discussion of issues surrounding any project."

While some public funding will still go towards entertaining this disasterous proposal, the petition was a big success in changing the public dialogue around the Flaming Gorge Pipeline and influencing a board that is unused to such an outcry.

"The Colorado River ecosystem is a gem of the American Southwest.  We send out a big and loud 'Thank You' to the thousands of people who joined Colorado's conservation groups to protect this great resource," said Gary Wockner, Save the Colorado's campaign coordinator, and the leader of a coalition of dozens of local, regional and national groups mobilizing to stop the pipeline.

"Because of your support, we made great headway on this initial battle in what will be a long fight to not only stop the Flaming Gorge Pipeline but also to protect and begin restoring the river, the fishery, and the opportunities that healthy river ecosystems bring to the people of the Southwest," he said.

Stay tuned for additional steps you can take to stop the Flaming Gorge Pipeline and protect the Colorado and Green River ecosystems.

Hi Friends!  

This petition is now closed.  The vote by the Colorado Water Conservation Board occurred on Sept. 14th.  Your voice made a difference!  Your efforts to speak out changed the public dialog resulting in over 2 dozen news stories in TV, radio, and print, and considerable public pressure. Significantly, the Colorado Water Conservation Board cut the funding for this proposal in third and limited the scope down to a few months rather than multiple years.  In addition, the Board issued this statement saying that its vote does not mean it supports the Pipeline:   "this vote was not an affirmation of the project itself, or any aspect of it, but the approval of a process to encourage roundtable discussion of issues surrounding any project."

To learn more about the Pipeline, visit WRA's website:  

To say in touch with news and action alerts about this issue and about the Colorado River, visit and like Save the Colorado's facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/savethecolorado

Thank you for the outpouring of support!  We will stay in touch about this issue and about how you can continue to speak out to protect the great Colorado River ecosystem.  




As population increases along the Front Range of Colorado, from Pueblo to Fort Collins, some developers and water utilities have proposed projects to ship and sell more water to the region. One extreme proposal is to take 81 billion gallons of water every year out of the Green River at Flaming Gorge Reservoir in southwest Wyoming and pump it 560 miles across Wyoming, up and over the Continental Divide, and down to Colorado. This proposal – called the “Flaming Gorge Pipeline” – could cost up to $9 billion. If it were constructed, it would deliver water at a price that would be the most expensive in Colorado’s history.

The true cost only begins with the outrageous financial figures. The environmental damage would be severe. A world-class trout fishery, the ecosystem within Dinosaur National Monument, and other important habitat would be harmed by the project. This, in turn, would hurt the local tourism economy, and take away recreational opportunities that are the core of our Western way of life. This great river system and the people who depend upon it need your help to speak up for its protection!

On September 13, 2011, the Colorado Water Conservation Board – which is appointed by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper – will consider a $150,000 grant request from a regional water authority pushing the Flaming Gorge Pipeline to create a special task force to study the proposed project. There are existing stakeholder forums, such as the Interbasin Compact Committee, that can, and are, evaluating this project and others, but the pipeline’s proponents want a special process with their rules and their participants. We are petitioning the Colorado Water Conservation Board to deny this grant request – taxpayer money should not used to study or support a project that would irrevocably damage Colorado’s rivers.

Please sign the petition. You do not have to live in Colorado to sign – anyone, anywhere who wants to protect the Green River and the Colorado River can sign on.

We thank you for your support!

Colorado Conservation Organizations Requesting Your Help:   American Rivers, American Whitewater, Clean Water Fund, Colorado Conservation Voters, Colorado Environmental Coalition, Colorado Whitewater Association, Earthjustice, Environment Colorado,  Food and Water Watch, High Country Citizens’ Alliance, National Parks Conservation Association, Sierra Club - Rocky Mountain Chapter, Rocky Mountain Wild, Save the Colorado, Save the Poudre, Sheep Mountain Alliance, Western Resource Advocates

Now is the time to start saving the Colorado, not destroying it further with projects like the Flaming Gorge Pipeline.

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    1. 21,000 Oppose Disastrous Western Water Pipeline Ahead of Tuesday Vote

      "This'll only cost you $9 billion," reads a billboard put up over the weekend on the side of I-70 near Grand Junction, Colorado.
      Pictured is the desolate scene—the parched dry bed of the Colorado River's largest tributary— that would become...

    2. Thank you, Patagonia!

      Patagonia walks the talk on their blog and facebook page to protect the Green and Colorado Rivers. Thank you, Patagonia! http://www.thecleanestline.com/2011/09/your-help-is-needed-to-protect-the-green-and-colorado-rivers.html

    3. THANK YOU 20,000 SIGNERS!


    4. Reached 20,000 signatures
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    6. Thank You Sheep Mountain Alliance!

      Thank you Sheep Mountain Alliance for sending out an Eblast about the Flaming Gorge Pipeline. We appreciate your work in Telluride to protect the tributaries to the Colorado River!

    7. Thank You Clean Water Fund!

      Thank you Clean Water Fund for supporting the effort to Stop The Flaming Gorge Pipeline!

    8. Thank you San Diego Coastkeeper!

      Great blog and Facebook post for San Diego Coastkeeper. Did you know that San Diego gets half its water from the Colorado River? The Flaming Gorge Pipeline threatens all of us, from the top of the basin to the bottom.

    9. Thank you, Teva!

      Thank you Teva for posting the petition!

    10. Reached 2,500 signatures
    11. Thank You Sierra Club!!

      Big THANK YOU to the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Sierra Club for sending out an email blast about the petition!

    12. More More Thank You's!

      Thank you Planning and Conservation League, Colorado Renewable Energy Society, Earthjustice, and Grand Canyon Trust for posting, blogging, joining, emailing!

    13. Front Page Salt Lake City Deseret News Story Today About The Pipeline

      Good work from Western Resources Advocates for setting the record straight about the environmental damage of this proposed project

    14. Reached 2,000 signatures
    15. Thank You Glen Canyon Institute!

      A big Thank You to Glen Canyon Institute for posting and emailing about the petition!

    16. "Flaming Gorge Pipeline a Bird Brained Idea" -- Pueblo Chieftain

      A great guest editorial in yesterday's Pueblo Chieftain. Funny and right on the mark!

    17. Thank You Friends of Northern Delores!

      Thank You Friends of Northern Delores for posting the petition on your Facebook page!

    18. Thank You New Belgium Brewing!

      A HUGE Thank You to New Belgium Brewing for promoting this petition on Facebook and Twitter!


    Reasons for signing

    • Deborah Stucklen LOVELAND, CO
      • about 3 years ago

      Our lakes are losing water and fish and other river life are dying. We need to stop viewing rivers as something to exploit and understand that they give us life.

    • Glenn Woodbury NORDLAND, WA
      • about 3 years ago

      My parents ran Glen Canyon in an 8 ft. pram dinghy before the dam. They took us as children in a 17 ft. canoe the year the dam was done. Bring back the river.

    • bruce fields BRYCE, UT
      • about 3 years ago

      We need to look at water conservation not water use. Embrace climate change and plan accordingly.

    • lynn capen BOULDER, CO
      • about 3 years ago

      we don't need more water

      we need water conservation

    • brett mcgrath SALT LAKE CITY, UT
      • about 3 years ago

      I like the way the george is,and it has a hard enough time collecting water most years...Will this add to the nationl debt...or was it allready part of the last line B.S. that passed at the last minute


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