Ask the Senate to Block Anti-Medical Marijuana DEA Leader
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Ask the Senate to Block Anti-Medical Marijuana DEA Leader

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Last week President Obama quietly announced that he would nominate Michele Leonhart to lead the Drug Enforcement Agency. Ms. Leonhart, who was appointed and promoted by George W. Bush, oversaw the Bush administration’s tactic of raiding the homes of desperately ill individual medical marijuana patients in California.

Ms. Leonhart also has a record of adamantly fighting against allowing scientific research of the potential medicinal value of marijuana. Ignoring the ruling of a federal judge, Ms. Leonhart single-handedly blocked applications from respected university researchers studying medical marijuana.

Tell your Senator not to confirm Ms. Leonhart.

We need a DEA leader who understands the potential value of medical marijuana -- not a Bush-era holdover who thought raiding the homes of cancer patients was a good idea.

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