Ask the President, First Lady and Sec. Clinton to Give the Keynote Speeches at the DC March to Unite Against the War on Women
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Ask the President, First Lady and Sec. Clinton to Give the Keynote Speeches at the DC March to Unite Against the War on Women

    1. Somer L
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      Somer L

      san francisco, CA

Legislators federally and in nearly every state nationwide are attacking women's civil rights. Not only does this insult our dignity, it is unwarranted and unprecedented.

Legislators are passing bills, questioning our rights, our access to healthcare, our private decisions about when and whether we use contraception and our needs to exercise our Constitutional right to Privacy.

In response, women and the men who support them are organizing in every state as well as Washington, D.C. at the Unite Against the War on Women march, April 28, 2012. More info at:

President and First Lady Obama, as well as Secretary of State Clinton have been invited to be Keynote Speakers at our Washington DC event. Please join us in inviting them by signing this petition.

President and First Lady Obama have been strong defenders & supporters of women's rights. Rescinding the global gag order, ensuring all insured women have birth control access, and supporting Sandra Fluke, President Obama has stood with women. The First Lady know firsthand that freedom is essential.

Secretary of State Clinton stands tall for women's rights in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and every nation that practices gender inequality. We ask them to stand with us against those who would make women 2nd class citizens.

Women have full equity under the Bill of Rights, and lawmakers' attempt to restrict them is prejudiced, unwarranted and will not be tolerated.

Please sign this petition urging President Obama, the First Lady and Secretary of State Clinton to join us at this event.

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    1. Thanks!

      Somer L
      by Somer L
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks to all who signed. While Secretary Clinton did not join us for April 28th, there will be another rally in September in D.C. We will continue to petition her for this event!

    2. 100 Reached, well done!

      Somer L
      by Somer L
      Petition Organizer

      We're on our way - keep sharing the word & be sure you've RSVP'd to YOUR state's march.

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