Ask the OC DA to Remove Himself from the Irvine 11 Case!
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Ask the OC DA to Remove Himself from the Irvine 11 Case!

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August 2011


On July 1st, Judge Peter Wilson decided to remove the lead prosecutor and three of the attorneys (including a lead attorney) from the case after ruling that they illegally obtained, reviewed and used privileged and classified documents.  This ruling followed a heated campaign by the Irvine 11’s attorneys which pushed for the removal of these individuals.  

Despite this good news, the District Attorney’s office is still prosecuting 10 of the 11 accused (charges against Hakim Kebir were recently dropped).  However, Stand With the Eleven- a campaign of concerned community activists, alumni and interfaith leaders- notes that “the fact that these individuals were removed points to the misconduct from the DA’s office.”  

The case against the remaining 10 is slated to start this month.  Stay informed about the trial and sign the petition to free the rest of the Irvine 11.

Join the “Irvine 11” in calling for the immediate dismissal of the Orange County District Attorney’s office from their case on the basis of prosecutorial misconduct. In the year-long criminal investigation, the OC DA secretly issued illegal subpoenas and obtained broad search warrants in its alleged felony investigation. In the course of this investigation, the OC DA acquired and relied upon both private and privileged information, in direct violation to the Irvine 11’s constitutional rights. Further, the OC DA acted with discriminatory intent as evidenced by internal documents labeling the case as the “UCI Muslim case” and by public statements made by District Attorney Tony Rackauckus and his chief of staff, Susan Schroeder, insinuating that the students were anti-Semitic and comparing them to the Ku Klux Klan.

In a packed courtroom in Santa Ana, CA, nearly 200 community leaders, students, parents and interfaith leaders gathered to support the eleven UC Irvine and UC Riverside students, who were set to be arraigned for one count of misdemeanor conspiracy to disturb a meeting and one count of misdemeanor disturbance of a meeting for peacefully protesting a speech by Israeli Ambassador, Michael Oren, at UCI more than a year ago. The attorneys for the students requested that the Orange County District Attorney’s office be disqualified and replaced by the California State Attorney General Kamala Harris. The judge continued the arraignment to April 15th.  The hearing for the motion to disqualify the OC DA has not yet been scheduled.

After the arraignment, Irvine 11 defense attorneys, Jacqueline Goodman, Robert Hickey, Daniel Mayfield, Reem Salahi, and Dan Stormer, UCI Professor Irene Tucker, Rabbi Haim Beliak and Ali Mohammad Sayeed (one of the 11 students facing prosecution) held a press conference in the courthouse to discuss the case and the arraignment.

“The Orange County District Attorney is absolutely wrong in interjecting himself into this process and attempting to criminalize these students who did not commit any violence, did not resist arrest, did not engage in property damage and did not voice hate speech,” Salahi said. “These students merely stood up and expressed deeply rooted political dissent in a manner that was peaceful and tempered.”

Tell the Orange County District Attorney's Office to dismiss itself from the case and bring in California's Attorney General!

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      • over 3 years ago

      Disgraceful that US wants to serve as a model of democracy for the rest of the world yet can not tolerate freedom of expression in the country. How can one live with their conscience to exercise such hypocrisy. It is deploring at best.

    • Sam Dunlap TEMECULA, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      We in the Native American community have endured centuries of injustice. Any Native American who is aware of his or her own history should stand by you.

      I speak to you not only as an American and a patriot, but also as a former Marine. I would defend your right to free speech to the death. Just as any true American would.

      Sam Dunlap

      Tribal Chairman

      Gabrielino Tongva Nation

      • over 3 years ago

      Me and my company stands firmly behind your group and free speech. We pray the 11 students prevail!

    • Muna Jondy FLUSHING, MI
      • over 3 years ago

      This is the most appalling abuse of the justice system. You should not be charging individuals based on political pressure. It's unbecoming.

    • Zaina Mughal BRAMPTON, CANADA
      • over 3 years ago

      I may live in Canada at the moment, but as an American citizen (born and raised), and military family member all my life, I am outraged on how there is a double-standard in freedom of speech. It is not only shameful, but wrong.


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