Ask the NYS & NYC Comptrollers to cancel no-bid Wireless Gen contracts!
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Wade Norwood
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Dr. James O. Jackson
Investigator General of the US Dept. of Education
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NYS Comptroller Di Napoli
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James C. Dawson
NYC Comptroller
NYC Comptroller Liu
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Robert M. Bennett
NYS Education Commissioner
Commissioner John King
Regents Chancellor
Merryl Tisch
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Kathleen Cashin

Ask the NYS & NYC Comptrollers to cancel no-bid Wireless Gen contracts!

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      Class Size Matters

A widening scandal envelopes Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, revealing how his employees in the UK hacked into the cell phones of murder victims, paid off policemen, and may have stolen the medical records of the former Prime Minister’s newborn son.  What is indisputable is that his papers used offensively bullying tactics against elected officials to dissuade them from criticizing his methods or investigating his activities.  The latest allegation is that News Corp’s journalists may even have hacked into the phones of American victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, leading several US Senators to call for a Congressional investigation.  

NYC’s former Chancellor, Joel Klein, now works for Murdoch, and has been put in charge of the  “internal investigation” of this scandal. At the same time questions have been raised surrounding several no-bid contracts that the NY State Education Department and the NYC Department of Education intend to award Wireless Generation, the company that Murdoch bought immediately after Klein announced he would run Murdoch’s new online learning division.   

The state no-bid contract would pay Wireless $27 million to build a statewide version of ARIS, the expensive data system that has received widespread criticism from NYC parents, teachers, and principals alike, who say that there are far less expensive and more useful data systems available.  There are also troubling conflict of interest questions, given that these contracts were announced shortly before and after Joel Klein’s departure from the DOE. See also the summary of this controversy from Think Progress.

Sign our petition now, asking the State and City Comptrollers to reject these  no-bid contracts , with copies sent to the Commissioner John King, the NY Board of Regents, NYC Chancellor Walcott, and the  Investigator General of  the US Dept. of Ed (since the state contract will be paid with federal funds.)

A timeline of these events, with more explanation and links to back-up information, is available here.

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    2. Check out Democracy Now today

      I was on the show today, speaking about the need to block these no-bid contracts for Murdoch's Wireless Generation. Please forward link to petition and show to your friends. thanks! Leonie

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    • Jane Newton LAS VEGAS, NV
      • about 3 years ago

      FIDUCIARY Responsibility to taxpayers and to New York's children makes it implausible to think that New York officials would need to think twice before nullifying the long-term contract with Wireless Generation. If not unethical, than it was certainly blatantly ill-advised to award taxpayer money for such a large no-bid contract in the first place. Even if this had gone through the proper and above reproach RFP competitive bid process - NY should invoke the inevitable morals clause and avoid any further appearance of impropriety, collusion, or cronyism with the arrogant Mr. Murdoch. Think NEED not GREED!

      Do the right thing for New York's kids!

    • Angela west NEW YORK, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      We all need to wise up (hint: elected officials and powers that be who decide who gets what contracts), think properly and stop the cycle of greed. Stop the cycle of allowing ex-employees of one company, join another and gaining business for that company...unbelievable the Klein has no shame..unbelieve that the corrupt DOE has the gall to allow this (if they do) there no end to taking advantage of our children and the schools! I hope they think wise, correctly. This is a scandal in the making...stop it before it starts...thank you.

    • Anna Almquist SWEDEN
      • over 3 years ago

      Certainly you can appreciate and so would your employers, the taxpayers, that in light of recent events you need to reconsider this. Sounds like a scandal in the making to me. Wise up please.

      • over 3 years ago

      If there wasn't already concern about the the Murdock organization, there are certainly reasons apparent to suspect ethical issues. As well, we know that the ARIS system in NYCDOE has been too expensive and used infrequently by both teachers and families. It is essential that this contract is cancelled. Awarding this contract flaunts a disregard of the current budgetary issues in our schools and the vital needs of children that all resources are dispersed wisely and with unquestionable ethics.

    • Maneesh Pangasa YUMA, AZ
      • over 3 years ago

      Dear NY State Comptroller Di Napoli and NYC Comptroller Liu:

      We want to call your attention to the widening scandal over News Corp misconduct in England, which has now reached our shores, with allegations that employees of the company may hacked into the phones of 9/11 victims, leading to several US Senators to call for a Congressional investigation. At the same time, the NY State Education Department and the NYC Department of Education have proposed to give several no-bid contracts with the News Corp subsidiary, Wireless Generation. As you know, Wireless Generation was bought by Rupert Murdoch only days after Joel Klein announced he would resign as Chancellor of DOE to head News Corp’s new online learning division, and though Rupert Murdoch has claimed that he did not consult with Klein before purchasing the company, this is hard to believe. Not only do these contracts provoke troubling conflict-of-interest questions, but also deep concerns that many other companies may be able to provide similar services and products at lower cost. In regards to the proposed contract for Wireless to build a statewide version of ARIS, numerous reports in the media and elsewhere have revealed that principals and teachers have deep dissatisfaction with this program, and that there are many other systems available that provide more useful information at far less cost.

      We urge you to reject these no-bid contracts in order to ensure that taxpayers’ funds are not wasted, and that our schools are not subjected to inferior products, just because those who run the company have powerful political or personal connections. A timeline of these events, with more explanation and links to back-up information, is available here:


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