Ask the Minnesota Twins to create an "It Gets Better" video
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Ask the Minnesota Twins to create an "It Gets Better" video

    1. Brian  LaTour
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      Brian LaTour

      St Louis Park, MN

June 2011


The Minnesota Twins announced they will join the Giants, Cubs, Red Sox and Mariners by making an It Gets Better video. They plan to record the video June 27 when the team is at home according to local news reports. 

This announcement is particularly important because Minnesota's LGBT community is facing the threat of a constitutional amendment that would ban their right to marry. 

These attacks have a serious negative effect on the health and well-being of adult and teens alike. It will be extremely helpful during this period in history to have Minnesota's heroes take the stage to tell youth that life does get better.

The San Francisco Giants recently announced they would be the first MLB team to create a "It Gets Better" video to rally against bullying for all kids as well as those in the LGBT community. The It Gets Better Project started in 2010 after a number of LGBT suicides across the nation. Since then, thousands of ordinary people, celebrities, and politicians have made videos.  

Currently Minnesota law requires school districts to have harassment/violence policies related to conduct based on sex, religion, or race not against sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability. In 2009, the Minnesota Senate passed the Safe Schools for All Bill with a 46-8 vote, and the Minnesota House voted 95-39 in favor. Though Governor Pawlenty vetoed the bill after session ended, Senator Scott Dibble and Representative Jim Davnie have reintroduced the bill. Many legislators do not understand that the bullying in our schools is real and we need to give schools enough support to make a difference in the lives of students across the state.

Please join me and urge the Minnesota Twins organization and their players to join the It Gets Better Project and help give hope to kids across America.  

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      Thank you for everyone who helped take a stand!
      Twins are on board! Check it out!

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      Let's kick it up everyone! The Cubs and RedSox stated today they would also make a video! Let's get this ball rolling and get the Twins on board!

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