Ask the government to investigate the unscrupulous ebay and paypal monopoly
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We the People
The 99% of the entire world population

Ask the government to investigate the unscrupulous ebay and paypal monopoly

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      California, CA

After you sign this petition, be sure to file your formal complaint against those two companies to your own State Attorney General, and Better Business Bureau in san jose.



Our goal is plain and simple.

White house has given us this opportunity. If we can get 25,000 people to sign a petition on the White House web site in 30 days, then the federal government will officially look into this matter. We the people simply can no longer handle any more abuse from ebay+paypal monopoly.

This is what our petition is all about. We must need to gather 25,000 signature on here. Then we will file a formal complain on White House web site. Hopefully, all 25,000 of us will sign that petition in 30 days.

Unethical ebay and paypal are two evil world monopoly bullies which help each other to reach for ultimate world dominance. This is no joke. They have already succeeded in the USA and other countries. Can you name a second well-known auction site or money transfer site in the USA?

Ebay keeps increasing their price often. Ebay and Paypal set up random rules to abuse all customers, consumers as much, as often they want to! Those two bullies are helping each other to manipulate, to threaten, to intimidate all customers and consumers!

There are myriad problems with those two companies, such as,

1. Unconscionable ebay forces everyone to use paypal only, prohibits any other kind of payment method, that is a violation of federal anti-trust laws! We the people can only let paypal to abuse us on whatever they want to.

2. If you have problems with paypal, then you are not allowed to use ebay,either. That is wrong.

3. Paypal hold people's money as hostage unscrupulously, we the people must always obey whatever paypal forces us to do in order to get our money back. We the people can't even complain about it.They make up random "laws" so that they can hold our money as hostage for 180 days/6 months without paying us any interest!

4. Since those two are big world monopoly companies, they can charge we the people any fees as often, as much as they want to, and we have nowhere to complain, either.

5. Sometimes, they refuse to give an explannation, claim that those are company proprietary/secret!

6. Most importantly, when CEOs at ebay and paypal are getting paid by the millions, millions of us are losing money because what ebay+paypal did to us!

So as you can see, they are truly the 1%, and we are the 99%. We the people can't even do anything about the abuse they force upon us daily. They always say that what they are doing are the protected by the federal laws, and what we do is the violation of their laws.

We all have been abused, tortured by ebay+paypal monopoly long enough, it is time that we the people force them to change for good!

So sign this petition today. Once we reach our goal - 25,000 signatures, then we can go to the white house web site, and create our official government petition! Ideally, the federal government should break ebay+paypal anti-trust monopoly power just like how the government divided big AT&T into several companies in the 1980's. Can you envision today's world with only one cellular phone company, one cable company, one internet provider, etc? It is the time to force those two big online monopoly bullies to obey our anti-trust laws!

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    • mark bennett UNITED KINGDOM
      • 9 months ago

      Ebay and Paypal are basically creating their own laws. They should be broken up.

      • 9 months ago

      Because - and I quote one of their own customer services staff who told me he'd just resigned because 'ebay don't care about right or wrong, it's all about numbers'. Their policies and practices are morally corrupt and an invasion of privacy and breach of data protection. People need to know and government needs to intervene.

    • Christophe Cuvillier SANFORD, ME
      • 10 months ago

      PayPal demanding free access to people's bank is no different than demanding people's keys to their houses. It is criminal!

    • Wayne Dorsey LEESBURG, FL
      • 10 months ago

      Cant Sell On E-Bay Unless You Use Paypal

      • 11 months ago

      Because eBay and Paypal have been playing God with OUR money for years screw their T&C's they need to be made much clearer..screw their fancy TV ads that paint a pretty picture of the two companies.. They need to be regulated likeUK banks are..Oh and while your at it Ebay/Paypal pay your god damn taxes like the rest of us!


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