Ask the candidates: Where do you stand on immigration reform?
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Ask the candidates: Where do you stand on immigration reform?

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      Reform Immigration for America

October 2012


Over 40,000 people asked President Obama and Governor Romney to state where they stand on comprehensive immigration reform. In the October 16th debate, we got our answer.

This summer has been monumental for immigration policy. President Obama announced that deferred action against deportations for all DREAM-eligible youth -- while the Supreme Court also upheld the worst of Arizona’s SB1070, allowing law enforcement to demand papers from those they suspect to be undocumented.

We can’t have patchwork solutions for our immigration policies. Our current system splits families apart, threatens workers' safety, and continues to isolate immigrant communities. Now, more than ever, we need comprehensive immigration reform. And we need to know where candidates stand.

Before going to the voting booth this fall, voters need to know where every candidate stands on comprehensive immigration reform.

Urge political candidates to speak up on immigration reform, so voters can make informed decisions this November.

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    • Rosa Cobos HIGHLAND, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      The rest of the world still see us as the beacon of light, justice and opportunity, bless the lord they want to come here and not russia, other countries paid for their upbringing and their education, after that they want to come and practice here and raised their families, we continue very diplomatically and silently to "steal foreingn brains" equally as "brute young force" they both serve the greater good and keep the economic engine moving to benefit the country.


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