Ask Romney to Stop Hiding His Tax Records from Voters
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Ask Romney to Stop Hiding His Tax Records from Voters

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Mitt Romney is refusing to release his public tax records, and has even asked for a last-minute extension to keep his records secret as long as possible.

Why should we believe that Mitt’s got nothing to hide? Between his Swiss bank accounts and off-shore investment funds in the Caymans -- both discovered after Romney was forced to release just one year of completed tax records -- don’t you think there’s probably more going on than meets the eye?

When Mitt's father George Romney ran for president, he famously said that releasing a single year's worth of records "could be a fluke, or even a cynical manipulation designed to make the candidate look good. What really mattered was how a candidate managed his personal finances over the long haul." When Mitt Romney ran for Senate in 1994, he called on his opponent Ted Kennedy to release more than one year's records.

There's only one reason Mitt Romney would flip flop on family tradition and his own previously-held position to keep his financial history secret: there's something he doesn't want us to see.

When John McCain was considering Romney as his running mate in 2008, Romney let McCain look at 23 years of tax returns. After reviewing the records, McCain thought Sarah Palin would make a safer running mate than Romney.

Can you imagine having a president hiding 23 years of secret financial records? That's what's at stake.

Sign the petition today and demand that Mitt Romney release his tax records immediately.

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    • Gilbert Rose WEST CHESTER, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      In order to make an informed decision the American electorate must understand the finances of a Presidential candidate. This is especially true of a candidate with complex financial dealings. They may reflect on his ability to lead the country through difficult economic times.

    • Robert Elsethagen EAGLE, ID
      • about 2 years ago

      He must be hiding something, why else would he put up with this scrutiny. This isn't the type of transparency we should expect from someone who is asking us to make him our president.

    • Wanda LaCroix ARLEE, MT
      • about 2 years ago

      We need to know what kind of president Mitt Romney would be. If he thinks that avoiding paying taxes (that he can more than afford) in the USA is a priority, then perhaps he doesn't think the USA is a priority at all. He certainly doesn't see the middle class or poor as his priority!

      He wrote off $77,000 of his taxes on a dancing horse. What else has he used to avoid paying his fair share?

      If he isn't hiding anything, then why is he refusing to show us the records? How come his friend Donald Trump isn't demanding full exclosure?

      If he wants to be our president, he needs to show us how he sets his priorties. Period.

    • Lynn Newcomb LAKE STEVENS, WA
      • about 2 years ago

      The people choose the president and THEY want to see his tax records, PERIOD!!!!

    • Barbara Kaus MILWAUKEE, WI
      • about 2 years ago

      He is running for president and needs to release his records to show he obeyed US laws.


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