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There is virtually no regulatory oversight of fur farms. Caged animals are
typically stacked in open sheds where they pace in feces and urine. Some
perish from dehydration, starvation or self-mutilation. They resort to head
bobbing, infanticide, cannibalism, and other "coping tools."

Pelts are often derived from genital electrocution. The killer delivers a
240-volt blast of electricity into an animal's rectum. The conscious,
convulsing animal endures a heart attack for two or more minutes. Some die
by cervical dislocation (neck popping). Others are injected with lethal junk
chemicals. Animals are also asphyxiated with unfiltered carbon monoxide.

Creatures trapped in the wild suffer no less. Those caught in leghold traps
or snares may gnaw their teeth to the jawbone or chew off their feet to
escape. Others languish on trap lines for days before trappers return to
fatally club, stomp or drown them.

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