Ask President Obama to Make Ending Genocide a Priority
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Ask President Obama to Make Ending Genocide a Priority

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Just over 60 years ago, with the horrors of the Holocaust fresh in mind, the world adopted the U.N. Genocide Convention, and promised to prevent and punish the crime of genocide.

Yet we haven't followed through on that promise: think of Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and now Darfur.

Now it's up to us to see the struggle through—and end genocide forever.

Today, the crisis in Darfur continues, while the U.S. and the world have still failed to act on the policies recommended by the Genocide Prevention Task Force.

We can't stand by while the threat of genocide looms. We need strong government action for the people of Darfur today and for the victims of future genocides tomorrow.

Now—on this week's anniversary of the genocide convention—we must make sure genocide prevention is one of President Obama's priorities.

Help us grow the movement to end genocide forever: Ask President Obama to live up to his words by making genocide prevention a priority today.

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