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Ask Pres. Obama to Declare Jan. 1, 2011, "Global Family Day"

    1. Ted Nunn
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      Ted Nunn

      Columbia, MD

President Obama has said, "We must find a way to live together as one human family if we are to solve current global crises that demand global solutions."


a) Holidays are one of society's most powerful unifying tools, and

b) The diverse and disorganized ways we currently celebrate New Years Day can't possibly unite the world, and

c) It gives every family that worries about our future something tangible, effective and satisfying they can do right now to build a safer world for our children, and

d) It will help to heal the divisions and reduce the tensions developed in the US during 2009, so that a united America can continue to lead the world, and

e) Global Family Day has twice received the unanimous support of the US Congress (S. Con. Res. 138, S, Res. 582, H. Con. Res. 317), the UN General Assembly (Resolutions 54/29 and 56/2), thirty-plus sitting heads of state and ambassadors representing more than 2/3 of the worlds population, and

f) Global Family Day costs government absolutely nothing. indeed it will stimulate the US and global economies, and

g) Governments can make war but recent history clearly demonstrates that governments no longer have the power to make peace. Peace will have to happen through grass roots family-to-family, faith-to-faith and community-to-community connections throughout our diverse but rapidly globalizing world, and

h) Global Family Day fits perfectly into the mandate for action placed on President Obama as recipient of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize,

... President Obama should declare Jan. 1, 2011 as "Global Family Day".

Learn more at the Globalfamily Day campaign site.

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