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Ask Nike and Adidas to DETOX Now!

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Join us in challenging Nike, adidas and all other ‘would-be champions’ to JUST DO IT and lead the way towards a toxic-free future, proving once and for all that impossible really is nothing.


Nike and adidas are playing with toxic polluters in China and we need your help to lay down a new challenge for them today - the Detox Challenge.

During recent investigations, we identified several major international clothing brands, including the sports giants adidas and Nike, supplied by factories in China that are releasing toxic chemicals into major rivers.

Clean freshwater is one of our most precious and most threatened natural resources. In China as much as 70% of rivers, lakes and reservoirs are polluted. Many chemicals released from textile factories threaten human health and the environment. Some of these chemicals can cause cancer while others may disrupt hormone systems. And they don't break down in the environment but build up in the bodies of animals and contaminate human food chains.

Like any of the champion athletes and superstars sponsored by Nike and adidas - who at times have stumbled, suffered setbacks and faced difficult decisions - these companies now have a choice. They can see this challenge as an obstacle and try to ignore it - or they can use it as an opportunity to come back stronger than ever before, and work with their all of their suppliers to eliminate the release of toxic chemicals into our water.

Nike and adidas are in the best position to score a major goal against hazardous water pollution. Who do you think will champion a toxic-free future first? Take action today!

Mark Parker, CEO, Nike
If impossible is nothing, then work together with your suppliers to eliminate all toxic chemicals from your supply chain and products. You need to reveal and take responsibility for the hazardous chemicals used and released into the environment during your production processes. The world needs champions for a toxic-free future. JUST DO IT.



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    1. Adidas and Nike pledge to detox!

      Thanks to thousands of people around the world speaking up, both Nike and Adidas have pledged to remove toxic chemicals from their supply chain!

    2. High Street Clothing Brands Told to 'Detox' Supply Chain

      Check out this article about clothing brands like Nike and Adidas that dump toxic substances into China's rivers through their supply chain.

      -Meena Hussain, Greenpeace

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    • Margaret R HAZEL GREEN, AL
      • about 3 years ago

      China and Vick ...

      • about 3 years ago

      Because I would like to be able to keep on buying and wearing or using your products!!

      Peace! ;) Thank You

    • Pamela Moreno WINFIELD, KS
      • over 3 years ago

      Okay folks, let's get serious about the damaging effects of your Chinese suppliers using these dangerous chemical in their processes.

      It's time to stop this and get serious about making changes.

      A toxic-free future is the way to go!


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