Ask HSMO to Stop Exploiting and Killing Some Animals to Save Others
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Ask HSMO to Stop Exploiting and Killing Some Animals to Save Others

    1. Stephanie Ernst
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      Stephanie Ernst

      St. Louis, MO

The Humane Society of Missouri does some admirable work with dogs, cats, horses, and other animals--including abused farmed animals who have been seized--and it deserves much praise for its recent efforts to rescue and care for 400+ pit bulls seized in a massive dogfighting raid. But unfortunately, HSMO also continues to host fundraising events that rely on the endangerment and exploitation of horses (for entertainment) and the killing of cows, chickens, and pigs (for food), in order to financially support the care of those very same animals at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.

Please read this post for more details on this situation and on the events.

Sign this petition to ask the HSMO to change its policies and make its events truly animal-friendly, to stop raising funds for one set of farmed animals by exploiting, endangering, and killing other sets of farmed animals.

The letter is customizable, but please remain respectful. This isn't about yelling at or demonizing HSMO and Longmeadow Rescue Ranch; it is about asking them to recognize a problem and make a compassionate change.

In addition to signing this petition, please consider also faxing your concerns to the HSMO administrative offices: 314-647-4317

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