Ask Congress to Support the HOPE for Alzheimer's Act
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Ask Congress to Support the HOPE for Alzheimer's Act

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      Alzheimer's Association

Too many of America's baby boomers will spend their retirement years either living with Alzheimer's disease or caring for someone who has it. Even worse, many of the estimated 5.4 million Americans with Alzheimer’s disease do not have access to a formal diagnosis or care planning services preventing them from planning for the future.

As we work for Alzheimer’s research, we must ensure individuals living with the disease have access to services that can improve their quality of life today.

Congress is considering the Health Outcomes, Planning, and Education (HOPE) for Alzheimer’s Act, which would provide access to care planning services under Medicare for the individual with Alzheimer’s. It would also allow the caregiver to access these vital services on behalf of a loved one living with the disease. 

Stand with the Alzheimer’s Association and urge your members of Congress to support the HOPE for Alzheimer’s Act.

Passage of this bipartisan legislation would improve care and outcomes for people with Alzheimer’s disease by improving access to diagnosis, providing care planning and ensuring medical record documentation. It will increase access to information, care and support for newly diagnosed individuals and their families -- providing essential support for those facing this devastating, debilitating disease.

Please ask your elected officials to co-sponsor or continue to support this important legislation.

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    • Christopher Good STILLWATER, OK
      • over 3 years ago

      * addendum, in some instances a synthetic medication may cure something, it is just that these cures are frowned upon because they only need be taken briefly and then the person is never paying money for medicine again, hence the medication crime ring ,

    • Christopher Good STILLWATER, OK
      • over 3 years ago

      My friends you are being deceived by a gang of criminals that profit on withholding cures for alzheimers and cancer. You have one life to live ( well you have a lot of them ) please read this, then make your own decisions and research.

      The truth is controversial when lies reign supreme.

      First of all, familiarize yourself with the workings of the FDA, consider one doctor Bryznsky, a man who discovered a medication, non toxic, which cured cancer fairly well. he committed no crimes broke no laws, and yet the FDA tried at least five times to have him put in prison. They then stole his patents and ran fraudulent trials, which led to the people in these trials dying, as they watered down and removed the medication, in an attempt to slander his work and say his medication treatment did not work. eventually they stole all his patents and put the meds on the market, cutting him out of the profit.

      They are criminals, there is no difference between the FDA and the mafia. If it cures a disease it is bad and they will do all they can to stop it. I know this is hard for you to imagine, but is it really ?

      Let me ask you, what would be better, fresh well water in a place with no pollution, or water sitting in a plastic bottle for months inside a factory ? So why do you think that medical approaches, involving synthetic experiments, which lead to 100,000 deaths a year, are the answer ? more people die from medications than have their lives saved!

      Now consider this. Within the realm of nutritional therapy ( see the film food matters, do not have a closed mind, this is the lives of your family at stake, simply watch the movie without opinions then think about the information within it ) exists a cure for every disease within a very narrow band of entirely safe supplements. Who establishes the daily % value ? The FDA, ... the necessary amount of Vitamin C daily to cure cancer within a reasonable period of time is, I believe to have been stated, higher than 11,000 mg a day, and needs to be taken in an IV. When people get IV Vitamin C therapy for free at hospitals they recover from cancer so quickly it boggles the mind.

      Why is the daily value set so low ? so you can buy something that does not work, as a lemon at a used car lot, and think you are getting a good deal.

      Fact, curing disease will end billions of dollars of revenue and put millions out of their jobs. Fact the FDA have been caught omitting crimes, Bryznsky is the best example.

      Fact, there is a cure for cancer, there are a lot of them.

      Fact, plants and herbs contain a full spectrum of "molecules" that a synthetic molecule cannot, and in synthesizing something based upon nature, an intrinsic part of that substance is lost in the process, rendering it potentially toxic and even cancerous!

      Fact: The plant most efficient in curing a huge variety of illnesses, from cancer to alzhimers, to diabetes, to regenerating damaged organ tissues, to helping people bound to the couch in constant misery get a new life and be happy again... is cannabis.

      Now do NOT judge this, ifnnabis would save your family membrs life you'd be a fool to judge it without investigation. Fact, ITS NOT IN THE SMOKE, its in the pure oils extracted from the plant, taken orally. These oils cure most people of cancer and work diligently round the clock to shield the brain from the onset of Alzheimers, see Montel Williams, his brain damage , his brain disease, has not progressed ONE SINGLE BIT in the years he's had it since getting high every day, and if he were to take the oils in stead of smoke it he'd probably beat his disease.

      Fact: The necessary dosage for curing and preventing theses diseases is nto a dose that gets a person high.

      Fact, pot is illegal due to corruption and greed on the part of a lumber and oil tycoon who feared hemp would soon replace the need for cutting down of trees and be a sustainable source of oi, so he invented lies and printed them in his newspaper and showed these lies to congress.

      Fact, due to greed people die , when the cures already exist, and your doctors do not know these cures exist, and are playing patsy to murder on behalf of institutionalized crime and largely the FDA.

      See free youtube film RUN FROM THE CURE,

      You will NEVER get alzheimers if you use marijuana even in smoke format often.

      Fact marijuana is not addictive, it has no side effects, it can be dosed to be more mild than a cup of coffee, and it is one of the best medications known to man. It replace all dangerous and highly deadly opiates, which are addictive as sin, and gives people viable pain relief pills at as mellow or strong a dose needed (i'm talking organic, not synthetic ! ) based upon their needs.

      Fact: any institution wanting to "find a cure" is playing patsy , even unwittingly, to the crime of the suppression of simple, cheap, and essentially free therapies and cures which truly work, far better that which is on the market.

      Fact: Most pills taken daily by adults eventually cause side effects to emerge which then result in the need for more medications until they become one of the 100,000 a year that dies just by following doctors orders....

      And again, within nutritional supplements, they cure everything.

      Recap: look up Bryznsky, watch the free movie on google videos>

      Look up food matters, watch it.

      Look up run FROM the cure, watch it.

      You are being lied to.

      All a doctor is is someone who is entirely proficient in the realm of synthetic medication, something that did not exist prior to a few hundred years ago, and something that does not in itself EVER cure a single thing, therefore the FDA and the Rockefeller clan has taken control of the world by creating a paradigm which is in itself a scam an a flawed premise.

      The prevention of disease is largely attained simply through a raw food totally vegan diet, you will never get a disease if you adopt this diet. period.

      When money is involved there can never be truth. That a person must spend money on "health care" should be all the warning you need to never step foot into a place where the solution to every problem is something that never works, and kills more people over the decades than Hitler did on purpose!

      I work tirelessly and without pay to spread the truth, you may copy and paste this, do not cite my name.


      By avoiding certain things like aluminum soda cans, soda pop in and of itself, and by becoming raw food vegan and staying way from any and all JUNK food ( society calls food JUNK and yet you eat it ? what if they called it SHIT FOOD its just as bad, you eat something that is literally LABELED AS BEING JUNK )

      The eating of meat ensures heart disease and susceptible to cancer and works to pollute the body, it is the worst source of protein you can possibly consume, and by cooking it you mutate its cells into that which literally becomes cancer in the body.

      You are being lied to, and not by me. Please consider this information. You cannot learn if your mind is filled with arguments, listen to every single thing said , and then think about it. You will find propaganda against the truth, claiming to slander what is good, after all they tried to put a good man in jail, who committed no crimes, who followed the law, just because he was healing people of cancer way better then they were.... the judges time and time again said "this is ridiculous, leave this man alone!"

      THEY DO NOT WANT A CURE, they are looking to INVENT A MOLECULE, the molecules already grow out of the ground, created by GOD, !

      DISCLAIMER : this post has NOTHING to do with aforementioned organization attached to the petition, I do not know anything about the, but I do know marijuana is one of the greatest preventative medications for dementia, and it gives seniors, recreationally, a great sense of life, whereas if they were getting drunk they would destroy their bodies, this herb help them live without pain AND without addiction, and gives them joy.

      In indica it relaxes and ends pain, in sativa it is an energizing anti-depressant. Indica-sativa hybrids also exist. It is a miraculous medication, hence why people hate it so much in this day and age of ending darkness.

      it takes me a very long time to write this. My grandmother knows the truth, has fluid in her lungs, has a broken heart, and the marijuana oil fixes both of these problems, yet she is delusional and insane, and a bit psychotic, and refuses to do what is good for her, while trusting the very people that scam her and ensure she will never get better.

      I care deeply about the truth The truth is the only thing that matters.

      The power is in YOUR HANDS FOR HEALTH, no one else will ever be able to help you as much as you can by living right.... nutrition does NOT INCLUDE MEAT OR COOKED FOODS, cooking foods destroys nutrients !

      Society has, through complicity of a band of socialist criminals, of various rank and fodder, instilled upon you a massive lie right down to what you think of as a "healthy balanced diet " to ensure that seeds of disease are sown deep within you so that you can be given false cures which in fact are very deadly and dangerous, and very expen$ive.

    • w t LAOTTO, IN
      • over 3 years ago

      As a care giver to my wife, this issue is very important to me. we need all the help we can get to stop this desease. Please tell teh TEA PARTY not to try stopping funding for these type of programes just to balance the budget. America, speak up now or loose all.


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