Ask Congress to Protect Our Natural World from Climate Change
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Ask Congress to Protect Our Natural World from Climate Change

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Climate change is already impacting our communities, our health and safety and our natural resources. Global warming is threatening wildlife, fish and plants who are already on the brink of extinction. Melting sea ice, warming ocean and river waters, shifting life cycles and migration are impacting endangered species, including polar bears, lynx, coral, salmon and migratory birds.

Congress is working on energy and climate change legislation that sets a first-ever cap on global warming pollution and helps reduce the impact of climate change on our communities, our health and our natural resources. Endangered species -and species put at risk of extinction due to climate change - would benefit from these efforts.

It is critical that Congress take action this year to advance global warming solutions and this legislation is a good start, but should also be strengthened. Industry lobbyists are trying to weaken the bill, including removing key programs and funding that would protect natural resources from the impacts of climate change.

Please send a letter to your member of Congress asking them to ensure that provisions to safeguard natural resource are included in the energy and climate bill.

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