Do You Want People Who Support Contraception To Stop Tithing?
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Do You Want People Who Support Contraception To Stop Tithing?

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Ladies & Gentlemen,

     The rhetoric put out by the Catholic Church & media is that the Church merely objects to "Birth Control pills" ... That is wrong, very wrong.

     Birth Control pill coverage is not the only thing the Catholic Church does not want Hospitals & University Employee Health Plans to deny women coverage for.

Fact is, Cardinal Burke's online Petition states the Catholic Church does not want Employee Health Insurance Plans to cover: 
   1. women who want Tubectomy, tubes tied, (church says NO coverage) 
   2. women who want Hysterectomy, (church says NO coverage) 
   3. women who need a D&C after a miscarriage (church says NO coverage) 
   4. women who want "physician counseling" (church says NO coverage)

The Catholic Church Defines:
   - Tubectomy, Hyesterectomy and D&C as "immoral surgical sterilization.
   - "counseling" of contraception method as "immoral." 
   - Birth Control pills, foam, condoms etc as: "Intrinsically Evil."(Source:Catechism:Persona Humana,X)

NOTICE:  The Catholic Church allows a man's vasectomy to be covered in Employee Health Plans.

Here's a hint of what woman can expect Catholic Hospitals & Universities to empose next under the guise of "Religios Freedom"
    In 2009, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of Arizona excommunicated Sister Margaret McBride because she saved the life of a pregnant woman as her 11 week old fetus died.  Excommunication is the most serious penalty the Church can levy.

     At the time, Catholic Priest John Ehrich defended the Bishop and told the press, "She [McBride] consented in the murder of an unborn child. There are some situations where the mother may in fact die along with her child.  You can't do evil to bring about good. The end does not justify the means."

(Sounds like Priest John Ehrich forgot his Church's teaching: Jesus allowed himself to be murdered to bring about good.)

     Also at the time, Lisa Sowle Cahill, who teaches Catholic theology at Boston College, said, "The official Catholic Church position mandates that the correct solution would be to let both the mother and the child die."

(Let that sink in ... the Official Church position is to let both a woman and child die if a woman's life is at risk during pregnancy ... "Religous Freedom?")

     Will the Catholic Church deny women "Life Saving Medical Treatment Coverage" in their Employee Health Insurance Plan -- all under the 'guise' of "Religious Freedom?"

     It is unbelievable, but true, that in the year 2012, the Official Catholic Church position is let both woman and fetus die because saving the woman's life does not justify letting the woman live.

     The Catholic Church lost Millions of Dollars in tithing because they allowed priests to molest children around the globe for decades .... so..... 

I want Cardinals & Bishops to answer these questions:

    Do Cardinals and Bishops want Catholics, who support the use contraception, to stop tithing?

     Do Cardinal & Bishops want non-Catholics, who support the use of contraception, to stop tithing to their charities?

     Should Cardinals and Bishops even want to take money from all people who support the use of contraception?

     Shouldn't the Catholic Church reject ALL donations from anyone who supports the "intrinsically evil" contraception?


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    • Glenn Miller PHILA, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      Thes Bishps & Cardinals erk me with their hypocrisy and I'm sick of them esp. dolan.

    • Susan Rodriguez SAN JOSE, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      The catholic church needs to answer for the child molestations. That is highly immoral too, but instead, the robots are still working against women at any cost. We need freedom FROM religion and begin taxing the churches.

    • Kathryn Smith MARIETTA, GA
      • over 2 years ago

      I cannot believe in 2012 we are fighting for the right to use birth control. I believe every woman and man have the right to decide when to have a child -- versus being denied the right to choose the number of children you can afford to have. This isn't a religious issue -- some Catholic Hospitals do include Prescription Coverage (including birth control) to get good employees. This has become a wedge issue not an issue based on facts.


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