Arlington County Board and County Manager: Oppose night lighting of sport fields on Williamsburg School grounds
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Arlington County Board and County Manager: Oppose night lighting of sport fields on Williamsburg School grounds

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      Citizens of Williamsburg School neighborhood

The neighborhood surrounding Williamsburg will be heavily impacted by evening traffic, light intrusion, noise and parking impacts

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    1. New ES# 1 Gallery Walk April 30

      From APS:

      "Please join members of the APS staff and the design team of New Elementary School #1 for a Gallery Walk on Tue, April 30 from 6-8 p.m. The Gallery Walk will be held in the cafeteria at Williamsburg Middle School and will showcase the schematic design for the new elementary school to be built on the Williamsburg site.

      Arlington Public Schools
      Facilities and Operations Division
      Design & Construction
      2770 S. Taylor St., Arlington, VA 22206

      This is very important, please come and make your concerns known to the officials and architects present. The latest design presentation is at: under BLPC April 3.

    2. 100 Signatures Reached

      Over the weekend we reached 100 signatures from folks concerned about the neighborhood encroachments that night time play will bring: light, noise, traffic, etc. The County is continuing its discussions internally and externally to secure support and funding for the play field lighting. This measure would be included in the new Elementary School Use Permit Application, and subject to a number of Commission and Board hearings, where the public's voice will be heard. This petition will be kept open so that announcements of these hearings can reach you. Please inform your neighbors, especially in the Williamsburg community, about this precident-setting move by the County, and invite them to consider signing this petition.

      Thank You.
      Willaimsburg Neighborhood

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    • Patricia McBride ARLINGTON, VA
      • about 1 year ago

      The schools project is supposed to improve the educational experience of children, relieving the stress and interference with education caused by overcrowding. Why, then, tie it to a project that puts lighted fields on the remote edge of the County, which has no parking resources to accomdate it, and which in accordance with existing turf field rules would be required to be regulrly lit and open to play by adults until 11pm? The very children the school is supposed to benefit will suffer from lost sleep and increaed stress due to the crowd noise, traffic congestion and vehicle noise, and light intrusion into their homes as much as three to five hours after they need to be asleep in order to be rested for school. I don't live in the immediate neighborhood, but I'm deeply offended by the process, and the willingness of part of the North Arlington community to shift all the social and environmental cost of additional field space on others.

    • Leslie Rokoske ARLINGTON, VA
      • about 1 year ago

      Light pollution, impacting wildlife, traffic and noise.

    • stacie jackson ARLINGTON, VA
      • about 1 year ago

      disruptive to the serenity of the residential neighborhood.

    • William Haygood Shaker ARLINGTON, VA
      • about 1 year ago

      There has benn no analysis or study of the noise, parking, traffic, safety, security and visual impacts of adult teams playing at night. And the main use of this facility at night would be adults. This would drastically change the character of my neighborhood. IN my view this would be tragic violation of the public trust if Arlington officials were to allow this to occur.

      Bill Shaker

    • Cathy Eckbreth ARLINGTON, VA
      • about 1 year ago

      This is a residential, single-family neighborhood and the lights will drastically change my surroundings long past sundown.


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