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Do not allow Arizona employers to deny women coverage for contraception!
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United States House of Representatives
Arizona State Senate

Do not allow Arizona employers to deny women coverage for contraception!

    1. Emily Lewin
    2. Petition by

      Emily Lewin

      Marina, CA

There is a "war on women's rights" and the issue of contraception is at the forefront. Although contraception is practiced by more than 90% of American women, controversy surrounding the use of contraception is on the rise due to the upcoming presidential election. Some people do not realize that some contraception, specifically the birth control pill, is sometimes needed to treat certain medical conditions. However, the freedom to obtain contraception coverage is not merely a healthcare issue, it is also a privacy issue. When dealing with women’s rights, we are dealing with an issue that should not be debatable; the ability of women to make their own decisions when it comes to their bodies.

This newly proposed Arizona law, House Bill 2625, would give employers the right to request that women being prescribed birth control pills provide proof that they're using it for non-sexual reasons. The bill also gives employers the ability to opt out of the contraception mandate in their company’s health insurance plan if the employer objects to it. An employer or the government should not be able to dictate whether a woman should receive contraception coverage. Surely, the sexual activity of a woman is her own concern!

It is time to stop patronizing women. Take a stand for the right that a woman has over her own body and say NO to House Bill 2625!

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