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Justice for Cali

    1. Jackson Parker
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      Jackson Parker

      Ardmore, OK

Cali was a fun-loving, caring, peaceful family dog. On March 19, 2014, she escaped the backyard fence and was roaming through the neighborhood. A neighbor called animal control to come and retrieve the dog. The cops showed up before the animal control. When the cops pulled up, Brice Woolley stepped out of the car.

He then went to his car, pulled out his shotgun and shot Cali in her neck. After he shot her, he laughed and bragged about how "awesome" it looked when her collar flew off. She had done nothing to provoke the officer. She died immediately.

Woolley informed the animal control that he had shot the dog. Woolley said, "We'll just write in the report that she tried to attack you and others in the neighborhood." If she was attacking him, then how did he have time to go all the way to his car and get a shotgun?

When the owner, Sarah, got there, the officer said, "We shot your dog, she's dead." Imagine, if that was how you found out the death of your family pet. Sarah was at a loss of words. She went down to the police station to find out what she could do about this. They gave her the run-around and basically told her he was in the right to shoot her dog even with a witness to the crime. The Police department in Ardmore is known for sweeping many cases under the rug.

We want this story to go viral. We want everyone to know the truth. This officer needs to be relieved of his duties. Justice needs to be served. Cali's voice will be heard.


Ardmore Police Department, Ardmore Police Department
Gov. Mary Fallin, Oklahoma-05
We ask that you read this article and help us bring justice to Cali. Thank you.

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    2. #Justice4Cali

      Jackson Parker
      Petition Organizer

      We are not sure how much money will actually be needed throughout this process, go fund me needed a goal amount, if it happens to cost more we will keep everyone informed and if it costs less than what is donated I want to let everyone know that any donations that are given and not used by the time this is over will be donated to another cause. either we will donated to a rescue shelter or to another family going through this same thing. this money will not be for our family to keep but for another cause. i felt it was really important to let everyone know that this is on our minds and seeing this stop is very important to us. We could even all vote or something and decide together where any money not used will go. #justiceforcali

    3. Go Fund Me

      Jackson Parker
      Petition Organizer

      http://www.gofundme.com/8q6u88 Even one dollar can make a difference.

      justice for cali

      On the morning of March 19th our family dog Cali was shot senslessly by an Ardmore Oklahoma police officer 2 doors down from our house. As a result my family and I are seeking justice. Cali was not only a loved dog but a family member in this home.

    4. Donations

      Jackson Parker
      Petition Organizer

      As you all know we have an attorney now. (Larry Simmons out of Tulsa oklahoma) we are working on a contingency contract however there will be out of pocket costs throughout such as filing the law suit ($400) deposition fees will ammount to $500 each, expert witness fees, and so on. Needless to say, finding justice for cali is going to be expensive. We are looking for ways to raise money, any ideas or suggestions are more than appreciated.
      Also any donations. We have set up a paypal account also the attorney has said it is ok to send any money donations to his office which he will use as we need. Just make sure you lable what you send with cali legal fund so that it goes to the right place. These donations can be sent to the following address: Larry Simmons
      401 S Boston ave #2820
      Tulsa ok 74103

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    6. Featured on KFOR

      Jackson Parker
      Petition Organizer
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    8. Go like the FB page

      Jackson Parker
      Petition Organizer

      Everyone please go like the Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Justice4Cali?ref=br_tf

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    10. Statement from Sarah:

      Jackson Parker
      Petition Organizer

      Well guys I spoke with the chief of police today and he totally brushed me and the carter county Republican Party president (Anna Flatt) off. He wouldn't even tell us the city ordinance for this situation. Not even if the police had to go through some type of training for dogs. NOTHING!! He was watching tv Anna asked him please turn it off I feel like you aren't even listening. He responded with no I'm done. I am totally amazed right now! But I'll see you all at the walk! It isn't over yet! I am a fighter and I won't give up! And it's pretty obvious I've got some pretty great and amazing people behind our family and Cali girl

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    Reasons for signing

    • Anna Java APT H03, FL
      • 1 day ago

      Terrible person. Life in prison would be too good for him.

      • 1 day ago

      I love dogs

    • Elliot M. Katz CORTE MADERA, CA
      • 2 days ago

      People need to be held responsible for the pain, torture, cruelty and killing of animal companions.

    • Robin Swenson AUSTIN, TX
      • 3 days ago

      This is disgusting, inhumane and completely unwarranted. The officer is supposed to be an example of justice and protection. This officer sounds more like an ignorant thug high on power. The Ardmore Police department should be ashamed and take accountability.

    • Kim Andrew LOS ANGELES, CA
      • 7 days ago

      Disgusting! And then they wonder why nobody trusts the cops in America anymore.


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