April is the official 'Don't Have Sex With Republicans Month'
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April is the official 'Don't Have Sex With Republicans Month'

    1. Michelle Evans
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      Michelle Evans

      Brooklyn, NY

We are taking a cue from the ancient Greek heroine Lysistrata, and have organized a national "Stop having sex with Republicans" campaign.

April is now the official "Don't have sex with Republicans month".

We are quite sure that this will help stop all this misogynistic campaigning in the Republican Party—like immediately. What’s the logic in this? Simple—there are a limited amount of crazy right-wing women. Not all of those are sleeping with crazy right-wing men. If all other women stop sleeping with crazy right-wing men, the pool of available crazy right-wing women that are left will be extremely small, and those women tend to not be very sexual in nature to begin with. Therefore, there will be a whole bunch of Republicans that will suddenly be left high and dry.

We're not talking about not having sex with ALL Republicans...we're simply looking to boycott sex with those who have publicly stated that they want to basically ban birth control. Case in point the right-wing nuts who have publicly stated that women should have to carry a miscarriage or stillborn to full term because "that's how pigs and cows do it."

Oh, sure, there are good Republicans out there. We’re not trying to say all Republicans are bad, but those who oppose this way of thinking; obviously need a swift kick-in-the-pants to get those who do not feel this way, to tell their crazy right-wing brethren to "Shut-up already before you get us all in trouble".

In the meantime, we can assure you, there are a large number of very capable Centrists, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, etc, that will be quite willing to fill the gap.


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      Michelle Evans
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      We will be at the rally courtesy of Unite Against the War on Women! For more information visit our Facebook event page by clicking the link below. Hope to see you all there!

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