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Oneida Seven Generations Corp
Kevin Cornelius
Oneida Land Commission
Amelia Cornelius
Oneida Land Comission
Rocquel Hill
Oneida Land Commission
Corinna Charles
Oneida Business Committee, Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin
Greg Matson, Vice Chair
Oneida Land Commission
Tehassi Hill

Approve Industrial Permit for 7 Generations Corp on Oneida Reservation Land

    1. Sherrole Benton
    2. Petition by

      Sherrole Benton

      Green Bay, WI

We urged the full City Council of Green Bay, WI. to restore the "conditional use permit" to the Oneida Seven 7 Generations Corp (7G) for their Renewable Energy. The 7G not only complied with every request from the City's Planning Commisson, it was awarded permits from federal, state, and local regulators to operate the Renewable Energy plant. The city's Planning Commission stated they know and expect plans to change as businesses study and comply with the CUP. 

Now  that the matter of the revoked cup permit is in court, we support the creation of a smaller version of a "plastics to oil" recycling plant to be built on the Oneida Indian reservation.  We believe this smaller version of the recyling technology with a lower heating temperature will, not only reduce plastics waste in landfill and contribute to alternative fuel sources, but it will serve as a working model for the larger "municipal waste to energy " recycling plant.

Kevin Cornelius, Oneida Seven Generations Corp
Amelia Cornelius, Oneida Land Commission
Rocquel Hill, Oneida Land Comission
Corinna Charles, Oneida Land Commission
Greg Matson, Vice Chair, Oneida Business Committee, Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin
Tehassi Hill, Oneida Land Commission
We support the Oneida Seven Generations Corp's (OSGC) recyling projects: "msw to energy" recylcing and now the smaller "plastics to oil" project. We encourage the Oneida Land Commission, of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, to grant the OSGC an industrial zone permit on reservation land so they can, at last, get one of their energy recylcing projects built and operational.

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    1. Smaller "plastics to oil" recycling plant on the horizon

      Sherrole Benton
      Petition Organizer

      The Oneida Seven Generations Corp (7G) is seeking an industrial zone permit from the Oneida Land Commission of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin.

      This smaller version of waste to enery recycling will remove plastics from landfills and produce propane and base oil. It will use the same technology as the proposed larger "msw to energy" plant but with a lower heating temperature.

      This small version of waste to energy plant will also serve as a demonstration model of how the larger "msw to energy" would work and hopefully educate more people about how the technology works.

      Upon receiving the industrial zone permit from the Oneida Land Commission, the 7G plans to open this year and began operating. This will relieve plastics from our landfills, provide another source of energy, and create jobs in the local economy.

      This petition will now be directed toward the Oneida Land Commission and demonstrate the community wide support that the 7G has to develop this project.

    2. Circuit Judge Marc Hammer to hear dispute

      Sherrole Benton
      Petition Organizer

      Help show community support for renewable energy technology and the Oneida Seven Generations (7G). Ask your friends to sign this petition.

      The Green Bay City Council hasn't restored their "conditional use permit" (CUP) to 7G as hoped. They revoked their CUP 1.5 years after granting it to 7G in an arbitrary manner. So, 7G filed a law suit in circuit court to compel the City to restore the CUP and for damages.

      Circuit Judge Marc Hammer will hear the case on Weds., Jan. 9th, 2013.

      The 7G invested $5 million while complying with the CUP and other requests -- including seeking approvals from state and federal agencies. 7G wants to build the renewable energy plant, but if unable to, they must recover $5 million from the City of Green Bay.

      Read Paul Lenzmeyer's, 7G Board Member, perspective on the lawsuit:

      Paul Linzmeyer column: Rescinding Oneida Seven Generations permit defies logic

      The Green Bay City Council's decision to rescind the Oneida Seven Generations Corp.'s conditional use permit defies logic, sets a horrible precedent for the city's future business development, and exposes taxpayers to millions in damages as a result of a lawsuit pending in court.

    3. Reached 125 signatures
    4. City Council to discuss 7G on Tuesday

      Sherrole Benton
      Petition Organizer

      The City Council has the Oneida Seven Generations Corp on their agenday for Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012 at 7:00 pm. Our hope is that the City Council will restore the permit to 7G so they can build the renewable energy plant. Thank you for your support for Seven Generations. You're helping to create new jobs and a new source of energy in our community. Please encourage your friends to sign this petition in advance of Tuesday's meeting. Thanks for all you do!

    5. 7G Asks Green Bay City Council to reconsider

      Sherrole Benton
      Petition Organizer

      The Oneida Seven Generations (7G) has the support of Chamber of Commerce and State and Federal agencies to build the waste-to-energy plant. 7G urges the Green Bay City Council to restore the conditional use permit so they can continue working the plant. Once completed, the plant will not only reduce garbage in local landfills, it will create jobs, stimulate the economy, and need services of other businessess and vendors. The tide raises all boats

      So far, 7G has spent several milllion dollars while they complied with every request the city's Planning Commission asked of them. The 7G went over and above what other businesses and companies do to obtain a permit from the City of Green Bay. 7G would rather build the plant, but if the city council won't restore the permit, then 7G will have to sue them to recover all of their expenses.

      Stay tuned for opportunities to take a tour of a smaller recycled plastics to energy project while we wait for the outcome of the lawsuit.

    6. Green Bay Mayor decides againt veto of city council vote

      Sherrole Benton
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you to everyone who signed this petition. Unfortunately, the Green Bay City Council voted to rescind the conditional use permit to the Oneida Seven Generations for the renewable energy plant. For an update, see this link:

      UPDATE-2: Green Bay Mayor Won't Overrule Council Blocking Waste-to-Energy Plant

      Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt says he will not use his veto powers to restore a building permit for the Oneida Seven Generations Corporation gasification plant which would burn trash and high temperatures and convert it into electricity.

    7. Reached 50 signatures
    8. Video shows inner workings of a similar plant

      Sherrole Benton
      Petition Organizer

      Although the linked video was produced by another company (EDCI Clean Solutions), it shows how the 7G renewable energy plant will work because the inner workings of the EDCI plant are the same as what 7G will build.

    9. Reached 10 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • George H. Graham DE PERE, WI
      • almost 2 years ago

      This is win win project jobs, less waste, recycling .

    • Brian Doxtator ONEIDA, WI
      • almost 2 years ago

      Economy, Gentlemans Agreement, Ethics.

    • Julie Jarvais GREEN BAY, WI
      • almost 2 years ago

      Local importance to support Oneida Nation of Wisconsin

    • Angelina Hansen KAUKAUNA, WI
      • almost 2 years ago

      Provides jobs and continues the relationship between the city of Green Bay and the Oneida Nation.

    • George Pinchuk DE PERE, WI
      • almost 2 years ago

      Provides jobs. This partnership has been long standing with the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin... why change now??? The location has been approved by all agencies. It isn't unsafe to the City of Green Bay. The paper mills polute the air than anything comng from the gasification plant.


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