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Appoint a doctor or scientist to the DEA and ONDCP

    1. Kathy Day
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      Kathy Day

      Key West, FL

A letter to President Obama


One would think the DEA and ONDCP has doctors or scientists on staff. Sadly this is not so - we would like to see that changed and believe it is a step to change. Please sign our letter to President Obama requesting he appoint a medical doctor or scientist to the DEA and ONDCP.  


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    • april maddox BROWNSVILLE, TN
      • over 3 years ago

      Ok.......I just have to put my 2 sense in this one..... if whoever the f* makes all these laws and bans would just see that they need to illegalize all the synthetic lab made shit , such as k2 or fuckin SUDAFED (which is the real problem here) and legalize earths natural remedy of herbs the way god put them there before there were any bans. I mean look at us now our economy sucks there is nothing but crime violence and rape goin on all over the world, nontheless.

      This world sucks.And is only getting worse. But there is no need in repeating what everybody already know.....OH WAIT APPATANTLY THERE IS!!!!! Not once has marijuana been the cause of any of this in fact alot of issues would disapear and everybody knows it to wether they want to admit it or not. So with that said there is no need to get any more technical with it then already has been thruout this little journey of websurfing lol which started in a simple argumentative discussion with my moms

    • jozef kozlik SOUTH HAVEN, MI
      • over 3 years ago


      MJ has made my life normal once again. no chemical drugs in me! all natural!

    • Hilary Archibald WOONSOCKET, RI
      • over 3 years ago

      We also insist on an un-biased doctor! Not one of those used by big oil or tobacco to refute legitimate science, a doctor with no corporate agenda please!

      • over 3 years ago

      i have ms and weed helps keep me from having to rely on opiates. i worked in a methadone treatment center for 5 yrs.sitting across some pretty scary looking p9eople as i took payments from from them for their methadone. there were fights between t'hem and we had to call 911.if there were a police presence the clients would refrain from fighting and all sorts of other incidents.i never,ever,ever want a compassion center to attract undesirebles.A POLICE PRESCENSE WOULD BE FOR THE SAFETY OF THE PT'S WHO USE THE CAMPASSION CENTERS.NOT A PRIVATE SECURITY HIRED BY THE CENTER.IT DOSEN'T WORK,ISAW IT FIRST HAND IN THE METHADONE CENTER.THE REFERRED TO HIM AS RENT-A-COP WITH NO RESPECT FOR HIS AUTHORITY.

    • Linda Schoeffler CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      It's a losing battle. Let's legalize it and weed out the real criminals...that's a win/win for everyone involved. Please consider this as simple common sense, it's not going away it's getting bigger and bigger...just think about it.


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