Apple: Stop Censoring the Chinese App Store
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Apple: Stop Censoring the Chinese App Store

    1. Dustin DeMoss
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      Dustin DeMoss

      Sallisaw, OK

Apple has blocked iphone apps in China that refer to the Dalai Lama, and has also blocked an app with Rebiya Kadeer, who like the Dalai Lama is an exiled minority leader reviled by China's authorities. There is a growing body of American companies that do the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party. This is a growing threat to those interested in free speech and the democratization of China.

In order that American companies understand that Americans will not tolerate their cooperation with Chinese censorship it is imperative that we (as Americans) stand united in the fight against authoritarian regimes, and the increasingly apathetic nature of American investors and businessmen.

Please stand with us in our fight to change moral compass of this great organization, Apple.

Apple's 1984 commercial stated, "On January 24, Apple Computers will introduce Macintosh. And you'll see why '1984' won't be like '1984'." Apple is currently supporting and coordinating with the Chinese Communist Party to institute an Orwellian society like "1984." Won't you stand against this moral ineptitude?


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