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Release an explanation on the ongoing iphone Wifi problems

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      Jake Jimenez


There is an ongoing thread at Apple Support Communities that already has 398,357 views, 2,658 replies and 178 pages that shows a lot of consumers complaining about wifi issues on the iphone after updating to IOS 6 and Apple is not doing anything to address it.


Release an explanation on the ongoing iphone Wifi problems and mitigate the issue by releasing a fix.

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      • 9 months ago

      I got the wifi problem after updating to ios 7. My iPhone 4S is no more guaranteed. Could you please correct this issue for next ios release?

    • Jason Lawrence WINNIPEG, CANADA
      • 9 months ago

      If this was a car company, an immediate recall would be done. It's time for Apple to make it right. By the way this is the second time my iPhone 4S has greyed out. About a year ago it had the same issue and they gave me another iPhone 4S. It worked up until the new iOS 7 release and then stopped working again. I went to the apple store all they could is sell me a new one for $199. Shame on Apple. Not only are they missing this opportunity to help loyal customers, their stance on this issue is making many die-hard Apple supporters look elsewhere. In this saturated market place the iPhone is not the leader any more. Even though I have am a heavy user, I have over $5000 of Apple products; iMac, 2ipads, 2 iPhones, iPod, 2 Apple TV and hundreds of apps I am opening up my eyes. I hope something comes of this post but as my phone now not wi-fi capable, I am going to make a move soon to another supplier. This will turn out to be the biggest mistake Apple will make in 2014! They will lose a ton of market share by not stepping up. Imagine if Apple did the right thing and had a Wi-fi recall and gave everyone and IPhone 5!? That would me amazing and it would cost them about the same as a couple Super Bowl commercials! If Steve Jobs was around he would have got ahead of the problem and turned this opportunity into a win for Apple!

    • Craig Poturalski HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA
      • 9 months ago

      Apple is wrong and should come clean and repair their defective phone, not say the only solution is to buy a new phone, it's BS.

    • Greg Hindman PATTON, MO
      • 9 months ago

      I cannot connect to wifi after doing update:( If it doesnt get fixed I am going with Verizion!! This happen because of update and ATT should fix this problem or give us another phone!! Please help!!

      • 9 months ago

      15 month old iPhone 4s. Wi-fi stopped working and no way to fix it. Seems like a common issue. It should work for longer than just over one year. Poor design/workmanship. Needs to be fixed free of charge as a phone should last last longer than 15 months


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