Apple, recall the 2009-2011 iMacs
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Apple, recall the 2009-2011 iMacs

    1. Toby Cummings
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      Toby Cummings

      Hot Springs, SD

The 2009-2011 iMacs should be recalled immediately. Originally, several major tech blogs and main stream media outlets were covering a yellow screen issue from late 2009 to the first half of 2010 that took Apple several months to admit was happening. Then hard drives started failing and people were receiving iMacs with cracked screens. It was a mess, and Apple finally caved to pressure and admitted there was an issue with the yellowing iMac screen. People were advised to contact Apple if their screen had a yellow tinge or if there were any other issues with it. After that, every news outlet promised to drop the story since Apple finally addressed it. And Apple offered replacement screens for current iMac owners.

You'd think everything would be solved then, but several users started reporting that they had gone through 3-5 screen replacements with the same or worse screen issues. I tried contacting tech news blogs to see if they'd start covering the issue of these iMacs again, but they told me to just contact Apple and get them to replace my screen. Obviously, that doesn't work.

I'm a owner of the original late 2009 27" iMac, and I've been able to live with the yellow screen tinge in hopes that Apple will finally admit that this is not just a display issue but a flaw in the hardware design of the iMac. Recently, I also started noticing a stain-like appearance on the right edge of the screen and started googling the issue. Apparently, others had been seeing stains, condensation and strange grey smudges all over their screens. It has started becoming about as big an issue as the yellow tinge problem. Replacing the screen does not solve any of these problems, and I don't think it ever will. All these problems are a result of flaws in the hardware design of these iMacs.

There is a newly designed iMac that just came out this year, so I don't want all of these iMac owners, including me, to be stuck with a defective machine. The screen is now shielded from the hot-running hardware, so I think the LCD screen will finally be protected. If this hardware re-design does solve the issue, I think we all deserve a free trade-in for the new iMac or a full refund of our current machines.

A fellow iMac owner has already created a petition on here that asks Apple for a proper screen replacement. And while I support that petition as well, we really need to take this a step further. There needs to be a recall, so I beseech all of you—iMac owners or general mac users—to please support this cause. Even if you have an iMac that has none of these issues, they can develop over time, and by then, you're warranty or Applecare might be expired. So, please sign and force Apple to address this issue. I'm hoping with enough signatures, we can get the attention of major tech blogs and main stream media outlets once again and pressure Apple to recall these machines.

Here's a few forums where these issues have been discussed for years now:

27", 21.5" iMac Owners, test your screen for yellow tint issue here

Yellow tinge from bottom to top of the screen, 27" iMac

Greyish Smudge marks behind the glass screen:

And here is a link to the other petition as well: 

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    2. Apple Releases Re-designed iMac

      Toby Cummings
      Petition Organizer

      Apple has released a re-designed iMac that shields the display from the hot-running hardware. I've updated the petition accordingly. It's interesting that they decided to re-engineer the way the display is implemented into the design. They've sealed it in the glass layer this time. This tells me they're more than aware of the grey smudge issues with the 2009-2011 iMacs. Whether this fully solves the issues is unknown at this time, but the prospect is encouraging.

      Apple - iMac

      The new iMac features an ultrathin all-in-one design, beautiful widescreen display, the latest processors and graphics, and advanced storage options.

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    Reasons for signing

    • zawar shah CHANTILLY, VA
      • 9 months ago

      Because Apple is a high end product and this issue needs to be resolved for the folks who pay a premium to buy Imac computers.

    • Teresa Collins LOS ANGELES, CA
      • 11 months ago

      iMac computer has grey smudges and has been changed out twice

    • Elizabeth Russell AUSTIN, TX
      • 11 months ago

      I have a 21.5in iMac with the same issue, it's a design flaw and needs to be recalled. I bought an iMac because it was supposed to be the best product.

    • Rishab Batra INDIA
      • about 1 year ago

      its a hardware fault and the company should , provide replacements

      • about 1 year ago

      my 27"iMac has dust under the screen


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