Apple must require Foxconn to implement safe working conditions.
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Apple must require Foxconn to implement safe working conditions.

    1. J S
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      J S

      Boulder, CO

Workers at Apple's suppliers have died from explosions, suicide, and over-work (imagine a 34 hour shift). Meanwhile, Apple made $13 billion in profit in Q4, 2011, making them the most valuable company over Exxon.

Apple has been "...Ignoring the issue rather than solving it.” (Quoted from a former Apple executive in this New York Times story:

Apple could easily invest $1 billion of their profit to ensure that their suppliers use safe labor practices. If Apple insisted on safe practices, it would have been done by now. The ONLY way to get their attention, is for us to hurt Apple's bottom line by boycotting their product. Let's get the word out together and improve the dreadful situation for workers in China. WE ARE THE CONSUMERS, WE CALL THE SHOTS. If we don't do anything, nobody will.

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    • flynn perrin BEND, OR
      • over 2 years ago

      i have witnessed apple working in tandem with the employment dept. to hire employment insurance claimants with the intention of firing them for reasons that would disqualify them from claiming further benefit from unemployment insurance. additionally i find that company to be a disaster of morality for various reasons

    • Scott Thayer REDDING, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Apple products are great, but not as great as human life. These companies tell us that they have to make things overseas to keep prices low, but that seems to translate into huge corporate profits. Maybe some of these CEO's should send their own children to work in these factories for a few months. I was going to get an iPhone, but now I'll stick to my old out-of-date flip phone. It is not taxes or regulation that are driving US jobs away, it the fact that nobody in the US will work for 60 cents and hour. Unite! As long as we are divided, we are useless in bringing about change. Don't buy Apple for the next 30 days! Send a message they will hear!

    • C.V. Hamilton PITTSBURGH, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      I'm shocked to read how badly Foxconn factory workers are treated--the long hours, the sleeping quarters, the (lack of) food and breaks, etc. I have been an Apple consumer since the 1980s, but will not be one again unless working conditions are radically, drastically improved. Would gladly pay more for an Apple product than the current prices. (Apple consumers have always been willing to pay more, so the company should not make us complicit in such barbarism.)

    • Kris Marshall FRENCHTOWN, MT
      • over 2 years ago

      The extent of Foxconn's employee abuse that has now been revealed simply defies 21st Century Western imagination. It is sickening to realize today that the "underdog" company I have revered from its very beginning, just recorded one of the highest-ever quarterly profits at the expense of Chinese employees who are literally tortured--some of them to death--to produce Apple's products. We have the purchasing power to demand it--and Apple has all the resources necessary to change it.

    • Melanie Caruso DIXON, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I have used Apple products since the beginning, supported the company by purchasing stock when it was on the verge of being bankrupt and spent countless hours defending my love for Mac to MS lovers. Today I am ashamed to have been supporting Apple for so long, as much as it saddens me I will never again buy an Apple product or take the Mac side in IT decisions until they become a company to be proud of once again.


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