Apple & Eve: No Apples from China in My Child's Juice!
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Apple & Eve: No Apples from China in My Child's Juice!

    1. Concerned Mom
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      Concerned Mom

      Brooklyn, NY

The Chinese food processing industry is virtually unregulated. Yet, Apple & Eve buy apple concentrate from China. So when your child drinks apple juice made by Apple & Eve, read the label. It could be from China.

Apple & Eve is trading profit for safety. Urge them to stop buying apples and apple concentrate from China.

Over the past few years, pets have died from pet foods tainted with ingredients made in China. Poison has been blended into toothpastes used by children. And lead routinely shows up in toys made by top American toy manufacturers. All this is in spite of annual inspections of plants.

The fact is American companies have been lax in protecting the American public. So you should take action now.  Ask Apple & Eve to stop buying apple juice concentrate from China for their products -- including juice boxes that your children drink.

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    • Kathy Moore RENO, NV
      • 15 days ago

      I have very often served my little ones Apple & Eve products. I do not recall that the product is from China. As I make sure not to purchase foods from China for my youngsters. Is there mistakes on the packaging as to the source?

    • carlisa bradshaw ANNA, TX
      • 23 days ago

      I do believe we should use hour own product from our farmers. It is true if we purchase product from different companies we get it cheaper but at what cost.

    • Trisha Morey OLD ORCHARD BEACH, ME
      • about 1 month ago

      USDA NEEDS A GODDAMNED LEASH. They are allowing poisonous shit and fillers that are not food to enter our food such as food dyes, poisonous chemicals known to cause cancer such as Aspartame and thousands of others which have made made illegal in almost all other countries long ago. They are not interested in safety for us and neither is the FDA. They are all paid off by corporate greed to screw over our health and wellbeing. Medicine drugs and food all make money off of us getting sick. There's no profit in cures or illness prevention. Bunch of sick sadistic bastards who only care about their own families. Let's see them feed it to their kids. Lets see what kind of food they are eating.

    • Katie Sample GRAND PRAIRIE, TX
      • about 1 month ago

      I'm a mother

    • richard gerber SALEM, OR
      • about 1 month ago

      Don't you people have a conscious at Apple & Eve. For Christ sake, get your apples from somewhere else. Why don't you grow your own, then you can hire more people who need the jobs.


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