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Appeal Vedanta to address concerns over its Lanjigarh refinery

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      Amnesty International India

Amnesty International has now published a briefing, Vedanta’s Perspective Uncovered, which repudiates Vedanta’s attempts to exonerate itself. The briefing draws on evidence received from communities affected by those operations and on the findings of non-compliance by India’s regulatory authorities and other official bodies. Most of this evidence relates to the period 2010-2012. The briefing concludes that there has been little change on the ground situation in Orissa and that Vedanta’s pronouncements on human rights cannot mask its practices there.

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    2. Civil society wants Vedanta donations to be investigated

      The Lok Shakti Abhiyan (LSA), a civil society organization, on September 18 demanded a CBI probe into Vedanta Resources' donations to various political parties. Without disclosing the beneficiaries, billionaire Anil Agarwal-promoted Vedanta in its annual report for 2011-12 stated that it has paid $5.69 million (about Rs 28 crore) to political parties in India in the last three years.

      "Vedanta should disclose how much it paid to political parties in Odisha. We guess the ruling party was the biggest beneficiary. A CBI probe should be ordered," LSA president Prafulla Samantara told mediapersons here.

      The outfit demanded the state government to scrap Vedanta Alumina Limited's (VAL) refinery at Lanjigarh in Kalahandi district. It came in the backdrop of VAL recently intimating the state government to close its refinery from December 5 in the wake of acute shortage of bauxite to run the unit.

    3. Petitioner against Vedanta condemns company for 'misleading' public

      Prafulla Samantara, a petitioner against Vendanta group, on September 18 condemned the company for allegedly trying to mislead the public and influence the Supreme Court by organising “fake and engineered protests” in Odisha.

    4. New Amnesty Report Exposes Vedanta's Human Rights Promises

      Amnesty International has accused the UK-registered mining company Vedanta Resources Plc (VED.L) of attempting to "gloss over" criticisms of its poor human rights record in the East Indian state of Orissa by publishing a "meaningless and hollow" report that puts forward the company's own account of its operations there.

      The London-based human rights watchdog has responded with its own briefing on August 28, when the company is held its annual general meeting in London.

      Amnesty said on its website that it believes the "Vedanta's Perspective" report is an attempt to calm investor fears over its controversial operations in India as it seeks to expand them.

      Amnesty's counter-report, "Vedanta's Perspective Uncovered: Policies Cannot Mask Practices," accuses the company of ignoring the reality of the impact of the mining giant's operations on the human rights of local communities in Orissa.

    5. U.K. rights groups protest against Vedanta

      Amnesty International accused Vedanta of attempting to “gloss over” criticisms of its human rights record by publishing what it described as a “meaningless and hollow” account of its operations in India.

      “Amnesty believes ‘the Vedanta’s Perspective’ report is an attempt to calm investor fears over its controversial operations in India as it seeks to expand them,” it said, accusing the company of ignoring the impact of its policies on the human rights of local communities in Orissa.

    6. Amnesty sees red over Vedanta green report

      Amnesty International, the UK-based independent human rights watchdog, has flayed Anil Agarwal-controlled Vedanta Resources for publishing a “meaningless and hollow” sustainability report — ‘The Lanjigarh development story: Vedanta’s perspective’ — in the run-up to the company’s annual general meeting (AGM) in London on August 28.


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