Anti-Whistleblower Bills: Ag-gag measures aim to keep us in the dark about factory farming
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Anti-Whistleblower Bills: Ag-gag measures aim to keep us in the dark about factory farming

    1. Bryanna Rosario
    2. Petition by

      Bryanna Rosario

      Orlando, FL

[Photo by Animal Equality - -]

Many brave individuals risk their lives and jobs to expose the hard, cold reality that many animals go through before they are ruthlessly killed for their meat. These individuals now may actually be criminalized for their brave actions. Why should these meat industries hide what happens inside their walls? Please join me in signing this petition to stop these bills before they go any further. Thank you!

"Dangerous bills in seven states would criminalize whistleblowing on factory farms, chilling the ability of the American public to confront animal cruelty, unsafe working conditions, and environmental problems. [...]

Whistleblowing employees have played a vital role in exposing animal abuse, unsafe working conditions, and environmental problems on industrial farms.

The agribusiness industry's response to these exposés has not been to work to prevent the abuses but to try to prevent the American people from finding out about the abuses in the first place. Their method is what's known as an anti-whistleblower bill.

The video below shows some of what's at stake with anti-whistleblower bills.

What are anti-whistleblower bills?
Anti-whistleblower bills effectively block anyone from exposing animal cruelty, food safety issues, poor working conditions, and more, by way of the following:

Banning taking a photo or video of a factory farm without permission,
Banning possession and distribution of such photos or videos,
Essentially making it a crime for an investigator to get work at a factory farm, or
Requiring mandatory reporting with impossibly short timelines so that no pattern of abuse can be documented.
What would anti-whistleblower bills keep hidden?
These anti-whistleblower bills raise the question, "What does animal agriculture have to hide?" By criminalizing whistleblowing, these bills would make important undercover investigations impossible—investigations like:

The HSUS exposé of calf abuse at a Vermont slaughter plant that led to the plant's closure and a felony criminal conviction
The HSUS investigation of a cow slaughter plant in California, which prompted the largest meat recall in U.S. history and criminal convictions, too
The HSUS investigation of Wyoming Premium Farms, which documented rampant animal abuse and brought charges of criminal animal cruelty for nine workers

"Businesses, including large factory farms that are operating responsibly, don’t need—nor should they want—this bill to pass."
—The Journal Gazette (Indiana)

Which states have anti-whistleblower bills pending?
In the past, the agricultural industry introduced similar anti-whistleblower bills in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, and Tennessee. Most of these bills failed, thanks to a strong outcry from the public and newspaper editorial boards, both of which favor bringing more transparency to an industry shrouded in secrecy and protecting consumers’ right to know how their food is produced.

In 2013, these states have introduced anti-whistleblower bills:

New Hampshire (HB 110)—retained by House committee
Wyoming (HB 0126)—passed House; pending in Senate
Indiana (SB 373/SB 391)—pending
Nebraska (LB 204)—pending
Arkansas (SB 13/SB 14)—pending
Pennsylvania (HB 683)—pending
Tennessee (SB 1248/HB 1191)—pending
New Mexico (SB 552)—pending
California (AB 343)—pending
Who opposes these dangerous anti-whistleblower bills?
The Humane Society of the United States, the largest animal welfare organization in the nation, and 59 groups including civil liberties, public health, food safety, environmental, food justice, animal welfare, legal, workers' rights, journalism, and First Amendment organizations strongly oppose anti-whistleblower bills. These newspapers have editorialized against anti-whistleblower bills:

The Times-Mail (Ind.)
Indianapolis Star (Ind.)
The Herald-Times (Ind.)
The Journal Gazette (Ind.)
Casper Star-Tribune (Wyo.)"

- From HSUS "Anti-Whistleblower Bills"


Here's another website for you:

"ag-gag   noun   \'ag-gag\ Any bill or law that punishes those who expose abusive conditions on factory farms; verb The act of silencing opposition to the abuse of farmed animals."

- From @FarmForward

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      Bryanna Rosario
      Petition Organizer

      Decision-maker Senator Gary Don Stubblefield of AR District 6 has personally signed the petition!

      Don't let this die guys, it seems like a lot to go, but I know we can do it! Keep sharing. The lives of innocent farm animals and people depend on it. Imagine, all you have to do to make a change is to just sign and share.

      Thank you for all your dedication,
      Bryanna Rosario

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    4. Decision-maker Senator Gary Don Stubblefield responds:

      Senator Gary Don Stubblefield

      I would like to sign the petition.

    5. Decision-maker Senator Gary Don Stubblefield responds:

      Senator Gary Don Stubblefield

      I would like to sign the petition

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    Reasons for signing

    • Megan Chin NEW YORK, NY
      • 8 months ago

      It's directly against the first amendment

      • 8 months ago

      Because scummy farm practices should be out in the open before being consigned to the bin!

    • Lauren Parisi MADISON, WI
      • 8 months ago

      Those who abuse innocent and helpless beings are the most pathetic, cowardly and repugnant people to walk this earth. And those who create laws to defend the abusers are even more revolting.

    • Gillian Turner KENT, ENGLAND, AL
      • 8 months ago

      we need whistleblowers to let us know exactly what is happening so we can stop it!

    • charles roth GLENDALE, AZ
      • 8 months ago

      It seems Anti-humane to treat all the other animals with this disdain.


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