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There is no greater threat to our country than the affect of corruption and money on our political process. Politicians are the only ones who can legislate the change we demand. They will not do this without fear of reprisal from the people. Our only weapon is the ballot box. Use it.

1. Vote out every incumbent candidate for the next 4-year cycle. President, Senators, Representatives. Perhaps a few good men and women will be caught in the crossfire, but the collateral damage is outweighed by the message. If you think your representative is "one of the good guys", the message will fail.

2. Elected representatives should serve one eight year term. Serving your country is a privilege, not a career. In addition, the incumbent has an unfair advantage over challengers in terms of organization, money and network.

3. Limit personal and corporate campaign contributions to $1,000. Right now, a company or individual can contribute $5,000 to a presidential campaign, and unlimited amounts to the candidate's affiliated SuperPac. The Court can surely limit free speech, and in the case of money perverting politics to the point that a single wealthy individual can drown out the voices of tens of thousands of voters, the point is clear. All political contributions should be limited to an amount that is deemed reasonable.

4. All political speech must be disclosed. Any organization advertising political speech must list their donors. Donors are not allowed to be shielded by a 503c(4) or 503c(6) organization. Each donor is not allowed to contribute more than $1000.

5. Until rules 2, 3 and 4 are enacted, repeat rule 1.

There is no idealogical dogma in these rules. They support only an agenda of fairness. A strict constitutionalist should be on board. A tea party activist should be on board. Norquist should be championing each of these rules. A social liberal, libertarian, conservative, and political atheist should be on board. An occupy protestor should be on board.

Are you on board? Do you have the conviction to actually do something important? I'm not asking you to pull the lever for the other party. I'm asking you to pull the lever for the anti-incumbent.


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    • Donald J. Cook DAVENPORT, FL
      • almost 3 years ago

      It is time for the general public to realize that the incumbents don't want to do what is good for the country, only what is good for the politician and his relection. It is time to vote them all out of office.

    • James Cook WESTERVILLE, OH
      • almost 3 years ago

      The Tea Party has shown how a movement can take place in modern times. Perhaps Occupy can have the same effect if they ever articulate a course of action. Drawing attention to the problem is not enough. There must be action. Perhaps this is the movement that all Americans can support?


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