Against the puppy mill In Québec
  • Petitioned Animaleries, Gouvernement du Québec

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Animaleries, Gouvernement du Québec

Against the puppy mill In Québec

    1. Sidney Sabryna Lefrançois
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      Sidney Sabryna Lefrançois

      Québec, Canada

Puppy mill still real in Quebec! Thousands of puppies every year are victims of the puppy mills. Illegal reproduction for feed petshop. Theses petshop sell everyday these victims, by claiming that these animal are pure race but they are not. They live in critical condition !!! They need you ! Now!

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    • Ron Wrixon BARRIE, CANADA
      • about 2 years ago

      There are plenty of shelters that have dogs that need homes. There is no need to over breed. Especially in this manor. Puppy mills need to become extinct. Please sign this petition.


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