Angelina: Please Make a "Honk for Saudi Women" Video
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Angelina: Please Make a "Honk for Saudi Women" Video

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      Saudi Women for Driving سعوديات يطالبن بالقيادة

Dear Angelina Jolie,

You are adored throughout Saudi Arabia, a country often described as the world's largest women's prison and the only place on earth where women are not allowed to drive.

For the first time in more than two decades, we Saudi women are rising up, demanding the right to vote and taking to the streets in the drivers seat. 

Protesting the de facto ban on female drivers, IT Specialist and Saudi mother Manal Al-Sharif was recently arrested, jailed, and required to promise to give up encouraging women to take the wheel.

Since then, several more women have been arrested driving.

Angelina, in this critical moment, we Saudi women need your voice!

Won't you honk to support us? All we ask is that you join the "Honk for Saudi Women" movement: take a short video of yourself saying you support Saudi women's right to drive, honk you car horn, and send the YouTube link to

Thanks Angelina! We love you!


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    • Lorelei Loveridge DOHA, QATAR
      • over 3 years ago

      Dear Ms. Jolie,

      I love and respect your work and your character and example. I do believe this might be the biggest and most important short film you might make in your career. Every little bit helps. I do hope you will get involved.

      Best wishes.


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