Send CJ Floor to the Olympics! And resign from Leader positions
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Send CJ Floor to the Olympics! And resign from Leader positions

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Carl Floor Jr (CJ) A Samoan/ American and 2007 USA Wrestling (USAW) National Champ Wrestled and qualified the 96Kg weight Class for American Samoa (A Territory of the USA) while representing American Samoa in the 2012 African & Oceania qualifier in Morocco. After Qualifying Cj returned Home to American Samoa and asked the American Samoa Wrestling Association (ASWA) and the American Samoa National Olympic Committee for a more qualified coach to train him in preparation for his dream to win a Gold Medal and accompany him to England. The ASWA responded by removing CJ and CJ's father Carl Floor Sr from the Coaching Position he held at Samoana High School in Utulei American Samoa and by informing Cj that he will not be going to the Olympics. The ASNOC notfied Cj that he will not be going to the Olympics and when Cj asked the ASNOC Leader Ken Tupua why he was not going, Mr Tupua responded by saying "I dont want to talk about it".

It is important to send the message to the individuals whom call themselves Leader of these organizations! What they have done is totally against the Objectives and Goals of theyre own organization! I Believe the Leaders of Both the ASWA and ASNOC have exhibited unbefitting conduct and need to resign they're Positions ASAP! And send CJ to the Olympics! I have listed the "Goals and Objectives" of the ASNOC as listed on theyre website! I Challenge all Americans and Especially Samoan/ Americans to stand up against the injustices displayed by the ASNOC and the ASWA!

The goals and objectives of the ASNOC are to:

1. Disseminate among young people an interest in sports and a sporting spirit;

2. Organise, together with the respective NOC's, the preparation and a selection of athletes, thereby ensuring that the Territory of American Samoa is represented at the Olympic Games, as well as at International competitions, South Pacific Games, Oceania competitions and all other national and regional games in which American Samoa can be officially represented in each given sport or event;

3. Undertake the organisation of these Games when they are held in American Samoa;

4. Submit proposals to the IOC with regard to the "Olympic Charter", the Olympic Movement in general as well as the organisation and conduct of the Olympic Games;

5. Work in concert with private or governmental bodies concerning the promotion of a sound sports policy.

The ASNOC also encompasses good health habits, positive value practices, good sportsmanship, team play as well as physical and mental development in a good social atmosphere.

The elected officers of the ASNOC are:

President: Ed Imo
Secretary General: Kenneth Tupua
Treasurer: Salaia Gabbard

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    1. Thank you all for all your support!

      Deutsch Puu
      Petition Organizer

      On behalf of the Athlete's of American Samoa, I would like to thank you all for your support of our very own Carl Floor Jr! We appreciate all your efforts to get Cj to the Olympics in the spot that he qualified for, however the ASNOC sent a seriously unexperienced and underweight athlete to the Olympics! Thank you again for all your support! We will continue the fight legally in court in due time!

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      • about 2 years ago

      CJ qualified, yet because he requested additional support so that he could represent American Samoa to the best of his abilities, his chance to compete in the Olympics was taken from him and given to another athlete. Someone's pride was hurt because CJ asked for a coach who would be better able to prepare him for the rigour of the Games....This is pure politics, which has no place in sports - CJ earned his place on merit, and to strip him of that opportunity refuse to give him a reason why, & to remove his father from his coaching position shows how petty these two organisations are.

    • Ernest Bird KENT, WA
      • over 2 years ago

      too many injustices from our Islands, enough is enough, let our young people be proud to say we are indigehous polynesians

    • Salilo Mcknight WAYNESVILLE, MO
      • over 2 years ago

      have to help a fellow repping for the oceania

    • Shawn Thomsen HONOLULU, HI
      • over 2 years ago

      If Samoa want's to be "Best Represented" in the Olympics this year, then sending the best would be the right thing to do. CJ would be the best representative. He strives to reach for excellence. Asking for a more experienced coach, is asking to be the best that he can be. As a Samoan, I would think that Samoa would consider sending their best, who is experienced, has the awards to prove it, and who is wanting to achieve their best potential.

    • Regina Utley DIXON, MO
      • over 2 years ago

      Non one should be penalized for wanting more and being better.


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