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Jean McKenzie, Executive Vice President of American Girl

Make an insulin pump and diabetic accessories for American Girl Dolls

    1. anja busse
    2. Petition by

      anja busse

      Antigo, WI

I have type 1 diabetes and there are no accessories for my American Girl doll. I'm 11 and I just got diagnosed with diabetes a little over 3 months ago. I feel so different now and my whole life has been turned around. I want to have diabetic accessories for my American Girl doll so she is just like me. I just want everyone to feel good about themselves no matter if they have something "wrong with them". Whether they have a disability, blindness, deaf, diabetes, and so much more! It's important to feel good about yourself! No matter who you are! Be yourself and show YOUR inner star. Express yourself and be yourself. This is what my petition stands for! I know that if they made american girl doll diabetic accessories it would make thousands a diabetic kids like me happy. Please sign my petition and make thousands of millions happy.

Jean McKenzie, Executive Vice President of American Girl
Please make an insulin pump and diabetic accessories for American Girl dolls. It would mean a lot to thousands of girls with diabetes.

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    1. We Need YOUR Help!!!

      anja busse
      Petition Organizer

      We have been moved by your comments so much that we are putting together a follow up video for our American Girl petition featuring YOU. Just submit 2 pictures of you or someone you know (with permission) holding a sign. The first sign will be of when you or the person were diagnosed with diabetes or how diabetes affects you/their life. The second sign will be a reason you think American Girl should make diabetic accessories for their dolls. We are looking for a wide variety of people and reasons. The video will be set to the song "It's Possible" by MJ2(one of their members is a type 1 diabetic) who has graciously given us permission to use it. Try to take the pictures in a sideways format like the pictures shown here. Send the pictures to diabeticamericangirl@gmail.com
      You can check out my signs and reason on my facebook page at www.diabeticamericangirl.com

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    3. Channel 9 News Interview.

      anja busse
      Petition Organizer

      Here is the interview that was on Channel 9 News. I was very excited that my best friend got to be there. http://www.waow.com/story/25418524/2014/05/02/antigo-girl-petitions-national-company

      Antigo girl petitions national company

      Newly released documents show the body of at least one baby found in the garage of a Utah woman accused of killing six of her newborns over a decade was covered in a chemical that smelled like iodine.

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    5. Channel 7 News Interview

      anja busse
      Petition Organizer

      I had a busy day today. Two local stations interviewed us today. Crossing our fingers that the interview goes national. Here is a link to the Channel 7 news interview. http://www.wsaw.com/home/headlines/Antigos-Girl-Petitions-for-Doll-Just-like-Her-257733561.html

      Antigo Girl Petitions for Doll Just like Her

      An Antigo girl who was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes is now finding a unique way to spread the word about her disease. She's looking to get help from American Girl to show young girls with diabetes they're not alone.

    6. Bret Michaels featured my petition on his facebook and web page!!!

      anja busse
      Petition Organizer

      So excited!!!! Bret Michaels who is a type 1 diabetic featured the letter my mom wrote about my petition on his Facebook page and website. http://www.teambretmichaels.com/Stories/2014/03/16/teambretmichaels-com-liferocksfoundation-org-story-a-daughters-diabetic-doll-petition/

      TeamBretMichaels.com / LifeRocksFoundation.org Story: A Daughter's Diabetic Doll Petition

      In August of last year we started noticing a change in our 11 year old daughter. She was very cranky and others commented on how much water she was drinking. She was always complaining that she didn't feel well often and began snapping at her family.

    7. We Made National News!!!

      anja busse
      Petition Organizer

      We are very excited! Our story made it into the national and even international news. It aired in places like Portland, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Maine, Texas, and Oklahoma. It was also featuring on many websites and blogs throughout the nation and overseas. Thank you all so much sharing. I know we will get there!

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    9. Interview may go national!

      anja busse
      Petition Organizer

      Great news! I just got a message from channel 12. NBC called them and asked them to upload our interview into their network server so that any NBC station can broadcast it if they want to. You can check out our interview at the following link.

      WJFW TV-12, WJFWDT 12.1 and Newswatch 12 - Your Northwoods News Leader and NBC Affiliate - Rhinelander Wisconsin

      WJFW TV-12, WJFWDT 12.1 and Newswatch 12 - Your Northwoods News Leader and NBC Affiliate in Rhinelander Wisconsin.

    10. facebook page

      anja busse
      Petition Organizer

      Be sure to check out and like our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/diabeticamericangirl

      Diabetic American Girl

      Diabetic American Girl. 48 likes · 14 talking about this. We are petitioning the American Girl company to make diabetic accessories and insulin pumps for their dolls.

    11. When it's on

      anja busse
      Petition Organizer

      The interview is going to be on tonight at 5:00. If its not sorry but it will be on tonight. By the way I was so nervous!

    12. News line 12

      anja busse
      Petition Organizer

      Hey guys awesome news! News line 12 wants to interview me! great sign

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    Reasons for signing

    • Tyan Cherepuschak PILOT BUTTE, CANADA
      • 2 days ago

      My sister has Type 1 Diabetes

    • Courtney Ray SNELLVILLE, GA
      • 5 days ago

      My 8 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Type1 diabetes four days ago. I checked American Girl site to order diabetic accessories for her AG doll and was very sad to see that there was nothing. I think it would be awesome if they had these accessories!

    • Jessica Mosur CALGARY, CANADA
      • 7 days ago

      My sn

      • 11 days ago

      Because i am human

    • Cynthia Vincent BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ
      • 14 days ago

      My daughter is a Type 1 six year old.


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