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Stop shipping via Prestige

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      Brian Barney

If you're an Amazon Prime member, you may have encountered a carrier company called Prestige. Prestige destroys the value of Amazon Prime by consistently delivering packages outside of the two-day window promised within your Prime membership. Complaints by Prime members against the company are strikingly similar:

Prestige lies about delivery status. They will state a package has been delivered in package tracking, but not actually deliver it to the home until 1 to 5 days later than the claimed delivery date.

Prestige does not accurately deliver packages. When Prestige does come to my house, they have delivered me packages for other individuals in my city and none for my own address.

Prestige is not responsive to customer service concerns. The company's customer service line is not open during the weekend.

Send a message to Amazon by signing this petition that the continued use of Prestige is ruining the value of Amazon Prime. Although Amazon supplies great value to its customers with its variety and prices, it must acknowledge that its choice of carrier affects its image. It should use only trusted, on-time carrier partners such as UPS, FedEx and the USPS.

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