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Stop Arbitrarily Removing Customer Reviews From Indie Author Books

    1. Derek Blass
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      Derek Blass

      Denver, CO

Amazon has been able to build a monopoly in the world of selling books. They have employed the fundamental principles of capitalism to achieve that position. With that monopoly, Amazon is now exerting its power against its most vulnerable sellers, independently published authors.

Amazon is currently removing customer reviews from books published by indie authors without any notice, and without any explanation. This petition demands that Amazon explain for every author that loses a review (good or bad) why that review was removed, and set forth clear guidelines as to what will and will not be removed in the future.

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    1. Reached 500 signatures
    2. Minor Victory--Amazon Provides Some Clarification

      Derek Blass
      Petition Organizer

      Going to add a post on my blog. Amazon has provided some clarification regarding what will be accepted, and what will not be accepted. Very important information, check it out at https://derekblass.wordpress.com/

    3. Next Stop, 500 Signatures

      Derek Blass
      Petition Organizer

      What a powerful fact. Almost 350 authors have signed this petition requesting that Amazon be transparent in why it is removing reviews. Amazon largely gave us the brush off when there were just 150 of us. Let's get to 500 signatures and see if we can't try with a discourse again.

    4. Reached 250 signatures
    5. Amazon Says They Won't Talk Anymore

      Derek Blass
      Petition Organizer

      Time to keep building the signatures. Here is their last communication:

      From Ms. Hankins:

      Amazon.com provides an opportunity for our customers to publish their opinion in the form of reviews on all the products we sell. If an author, artist, or manufacturer was allowed to manipulate those reviews in any way, it would make the entire review system unreliable. I can assure you we apply the same guidelines to every review on our website, whether it's on a book, a CD, or an electronic item. All book reviews are subject to the same guidelines without respect to author or publisher.

      The guidelines for reviews are clearly posted on the website at the location I provided and available for anyone who needs them.

      I realize you're upset, and I regret we've been unable to address your concerns to your satisfaction. However, we'll not be able to offer any additional insight or action on these matters, and any further inquiries on this matter will not receive a response.

    6. My Response to Ms. Hankins of Amazon

      Derek Blass
      Petition Organizer

      Posted on my blog, derekblass.wordpress.com, due to length.

    7. Second Response from Amazon--Still Nothing Substantive

      Derek Blass
      Petition Organizer

      Dear Mr. Blass,

      I'm Deborah Hankins of Amazon.com's Executive Customer Relations team. Jeff Bezos received your email and asked me to respond on his behalf.

      I'm sorry you feel Amazon.com is unfairly removing reviews from independent authors. I can assure you our Communities team considers all reviews in light of our guidelines and will not remove any which are not in violation of those guidelines. Although I'm sure you've seen them, I'm including a link below for your reference.


      I hope the above guidelines will provide some insight into why a particular review may have been removed as well as assistance in how an individual might submit an acceptable review.


      Deborah Hankins
      Executive Customer Relations

    8. Amazon's First Response

      Derek Blass
      Petition Organizer

      Hello Derek,

      I appreciate that you took the time to provide us with feedback regarding our Customer Review moderation process and the information concerning your petition. We welcome the diverse opinions of our customers because we believe the differing opinions lead to constructive and interesting discussions about our products and services.

      I have passed your message along to the team involved with future development of our Communities features. I know they will want to hear your thoughts.

      If you want to find out more about this or other Amazon.com features, please visit our Amazon.com Site Features Help pages:


      Thanks again for taking the time to contact us with your thoughts. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

      (Links on whether this response resolved the problem removed)

      Best Regards,



      ----How many signatures will it take to be taken seriously?

    9. First Email Sent to Amazon

      Derek Blass
      Petition Organizer

      All, I just sent the first email to Amazon, informing them regarding this petition, the success we have had in a short period of time with respect to this petition, and asking that they initiate contact to address the demands made in this petition. I wanted to paste the content of the email in this news update, but posts are restricted to 900 characters. Thus, I have posted the entire email on my blog which can be found at derekblass.wordpress.com.

      This initiative has NOTHING to do with self promotion, so please DO NOT support my own work with purchases/likes/etc. Let's stick to the task/issue at hand. Thank you!

    10. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Mikael Lind JONKOPING, SWEDEN
      • 11 months ago

      I am an Indie author, this thing affects me as well as all the others. I desire this to stop, so that us authors need not worry about having legitimate reviews vanishing without just cause.

    • Kristen Simpson WODONGA, AUSTRALIA
      • 11 months ago

      Amazon always asks for a review when I have purchased a book which takes my time and thought to give a fair and honest review. I'm disappointed to find that Amazon are removing peoples efforts to review books without prior knowledge or consent.

    • tabatha nickerson CHESAPEAKE, VA
      • 11 months ago

      this is impotant to me because i love my indie authors most of them write better books with stories more true to life its a shame that they are targeting them and our reviews shouldnt be touched unless they are offensive

    • cassie roe OZARK, MO
      • 11 months ago

      There is no reason a review should be removed by unless they have been bought, are abusive, or are a repeat from the same reader. Unacceptable

    • Taylor Stonely ROANOKE, TX
      • 12 months ago

      Arbitrarily removing customer reviews from indie author books is not cool!


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