Amazon Crushes Small Business & Marketplace Sellers
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Amazon Crushes Small Business & Marketplace Sellers

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      Mo Madani

      Cleves, OH

Launch a Congressional investigation into’s treatment of its current and former Marketplace Sellers. This will open the way for a class-action lawsuit against on behalf of its current and former Marketplace Sellers. We were Marketplace Sellers as Persian Memories and have experienced the problems with firsthand. forces its Marketplace Sellers to comply with a “Participation Agreement” to sell items on its web site in exchange for fees and sales commissions. However, does not comply with its own “Participation Agreement.” arbitrarily suspends and/or closes Marketplace Seller accounts and retains the money in them for its own purposes. contends that individuals and small businesses have agreed to this practice through its “Participation Agreement.” However, the agreement is worded so vaguely that can interpret the meaning to benefit itself while forcing those who have entered into partnerships with it out of business. (Refer to Toys Я Us vs., 2003, which Toys Я Us won.)

Individuals have filed a significant number of lawsuits against Amazon, mostly without success since they cannot afford expensive attorneys. But the Office of the Attorney General and Congress can build a bigger case against them and help us get the compensatory and punitive damages we deserve. It is the only way will learn not to do this.

It is obvious that and its CEO, Jeffrey Bezos, are engaging in more unethical and perhaps illegal practices. If you include the lawsuits that have been filed against, including the ones settled out of court, a pattern will surely emerge. To date, it has been less expensive for to settle cases and/or pay fines than to treat Marketplace Sellers and small businesses fairly and justly. It is also less expensive for certain Fortune 500 companies to dump toxic waste into our lakes, rivers and lands and pay fines than to dispose of it properly. That does not mean dumping toxic waste and paying fines is the right moral or ethical choice. Likewise, may be able to mistreat Marketplace Sellers and small businesses, but that does not mean they are making the right moral or ethical choice.

Many Marketplace Sellers and small businesses would join a class-action lawsuit, but most, like me, lack the financial and legal resources to fight a multi-billion dollar corporation that tries to exploit and intimidate opponents and get its way based on technicalities. We need our government, which is supposed to represent us (the 99%), to intervene. This petition will ensure the voice of the people is heard.

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    • gilberto pabon HOMOSASSA, FL
      • 37 minutes ago

      this people own the internet the have power over everyone and the will just keep on growing, and the have technology that no others have that are able to track and know everything about you, they trick you and the abandon you like a fly they step on you like we are nobody I believe usa manufactures and usa sellers will be done in neer future because of giants like amazon. I got shut down for being an usa manufacture trying to make a living for my family lost everything I had because store shut me down for no reason, I am sure they will find a reason and claim otherwise but that's what giants do I am a nobody that speaks and sees whats happening our poor country all I done it put in hard work in our country and its being taking over first Walmart to storefronts now amazon to online stores.

    • Alan Narodetsky TWINSBURG, OH
      • about 18 hours ago

      amazon suspended my account and holds my money

    • Brian Cuevas MENDOTA, IL
      • 6 days ago

      I shipped out a $1200 laptop to a buyer only to be screwed over by Amazon and the buyer. Amazon will not release payment to me and the buyer claims laptop is not as expected. I even described it to be exactly as the one listed on the site. The buyer is lying and Amazon has held my money for about 35 days. HOW DOES A COMPANY HAVE THE POWER TO HOLD YOUR MONEY FOR THAT DAMN LONG?! Not only that, but I can't even recover the laptop and am out clean. Please help stop this one sided monster from screwing its sellers.

      • 11 days ago

      They took my money and didnt return my item when the buyer lied about the status of the item they received from me

    • Osmani Garces CUTLER BAY, FL
      • 16 days ago

      Amazon shut my account down because a buyer made false claims against me. The appeal process is a joke.


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