Ban "To Train Up A Child" -- A book that encourages child abuse.
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Ban "To Train Up A Child" -- A book that encourages child abuse.

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      Pamela M

      Murfreesboro, TN

Michael and Debi Pearl's controversial book, "To Train Up a Child" encourages child abuse. Unfortunately, this controversial book has and continues to become popular. This book twists words written in the bible and encourages parents to use objects such as plumbing rods, switches and belts to discipline children. A child has died due to the fact that her parents were following this book. Her sister was in critical condition and internal organs were damaged. Child and animal abuse are and will be the result of this book for individuals who read it and do not have the logic or compassion to understand this book is nonsense.

Let's join hands and petition and other book vender to pull this book from in-store and online shelves. Let's do this for the innocent victims...the children, animals, etc. Compassion is the way to raise a child -- NOT ABUSE.


A direct quote from the book:

"There is no number (of licks) that can be given. It would be better to administer more licks that are less forceful than to administer few licks that hurt severely. It is much more effective to administer chastisement or punishment in a slow thoughtful fashion. Our goal is to cause the child to voluntarily surrender his will. We want to impress upon him the severity of his disobedience. It takes time and thoughtfulness for the child to come to repentance. I have told a child I was going to give him 10 licks. I count out loud as I go. After about three licks, leaving him in his position, I would stop and remind him what this is all about. I would continue slowly, still counting, stop again and tell him that I know it hurts and I wish I didn't have to do it but that it is for his own good. Then I would continue slowly. Pretending to forget the count, I would again stop at about eight and ask him the number. Have him subtract eight from ten, (a little homeschooling) and continue with the final two licks. Then I would have him stand in front of me and ask him why he got the spanking. If his answer showed that he was rebellious and defiant, he would get several more licks. Again he would be questioned as to his offense. If he showed total submission, we put it all behind us, but if he were still rebellious, we would continue until he gave over his will."

This book also encourages parents to "switch" a baby as young as 7 months old on his bare leg as much as 7-8 times for crying and getting upset.

This book is an outrage and in pure violation of basic human rights. It is abundantly clear that the authors of this book have absolutely no understanding of early childhood development or psychology. Leave parenting skills to be taught by true experts -- not abusive sociopaths like the Pearls. The brainwaves of a child literally change when he/she experiences violence in any form during crucial developmental years. This could be in the form of yelling or physical violence.

The Pearls have registered their organization as a non-profit, but let's remember that non-profit organizations are supposed to work for the greater good. This book does far from that.


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    • Jen Martens PALM DESERT, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Abuse is still abuse even in the name of religion. This book promotes abuse and should be removed from all sales on Amazon and any other source.

    • Mika Miranda KELSO, WA
      • almost 3 years ago

      This publication is wrong on so many different levels. There is a huge difference when it comes to discipline for a child and child abuse. This "book" does nothing but promote child abuse and make it seem like it is an okay thing to do. It amazes me that someone gave the okay to get this book published.

    • Jennifer Lubeck O'FALLON, IL
      • almost 3 years ago

      Too many children have been hurt by books like these. As for people who cite freedom of speech, where do you draw the line? I think children are worth that line.

    • Megan Shaw LOS ANGELES, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Because the teachings in this book are criminal.

    • Ella & David McCullah MULBERRY, AR
      • almost 3 years ago

      We've heard the Pearls in person and felt they were overbearing and more like running a hippie camp and putting too much pressure on the young. This can and will create more child abuse and then next they may write a book about a submissive wife needs discipline.


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