Stop All Pets Club from selling puppy mill dogs.
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Stop All Pets Club from selling puppy mill dogs.

    1. Heather Bradley
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      Heather Bradley

      Guilford, CT

All Pets Club of Connecticut knowingly sells dogs that come from puppy mills- large commercial breeding facilities, the equivalent of factory farms for dogs, that are notorious for the cruel and inhumane treatment of both the puppies and the breeder dogs.

It's all about making as much profit as possible. The puppies sold at APC are given little to no vetting before being shipped, are taken from their mothers as early as 8 weeks of age, and are commonly found to have major life-threatening illnesses due to the overbreeeding and lack of care.

The breeder dogs- the parents- are kept in cruel conditions as well. Because it's all about keeping overhead at its lowest, breeder dogs spend their entire lives in filthy crates only 6 inches bigger than the dogs themselves; they are not walked or played with; the females are bred each time they go into heat, over and over again until they cannot breed anymore. At this point these dogs are often euthanized or given up at auction for animal testing purposes.

All Pets Club is legally required to name the breeders where their puppies have come from. They mislead the public by saying the dogs come from small breeders who care about the dogs they sell. They use names like Dot's Little Doggies to give it a homespun feel when in fact, Dot's Little Doggies is a commercial breeding facility in Kansas that is a typical puppy mill. At the last USDA inspection, Dot's was housing over 500 adult dogs and more than 350 puppies.  Small time breeder?  We think not!  Another mill that All Pets Club buys from is Puppies Extraordinaire.  Just last year they had 681 adult dogs on site and 322 puppies.  Extraordinarily horrific!

Some facts to consider:
4-5 million animals die in shelters every year (roughly 11,000 every day.)
It’s estimated that 4 million dogs are bred in puppy mills every year.
There are nearly 6,000 USDA-licensed commercial kennels in the U.S. (and untold numbers of unlicensed.)
All Pets Club buys from these USDA- licensed mills and misleads the public.

Our goal is to educate the public about where All Pets Club's puppies come from so that people will choose not to shop there until APC changes their ways. 

Thank you for your interest!

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    1. Another successful protest yesterday at All Pets Club! Join us on April 15

      Heather Bradley
      Petition Organizer

      Every time someone signs, All Pets Club gets an email and a reminder that people are starting to see the truth behind pet stores and puppy mills.

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    • Cathy Karr FORT MYERS, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      GREED kills; BREEDING kills. BLOOD MONEY. BAN this hell on earth; this monument to greed. The USDA is an equal partner in the horror and the misery. SHAME ON THEM ALL for valuing life so little and perpetuating these animal prison camps.

    • Esther Costelloe DERBY, UNITED KINGDOM
      • over 2 years ago

      We have a little jrt who spent the last 5 years of her life on an Irish puppy farm. 1we took her on from a rescue centre, she had a bad ear infection & skin infection. These ppl are cruel & greedy & need to be stopped. These poor dogs suffer so much, its sick!

    • Claudia Beard WEST HAVEN, CT
      • over 2 years ago

      This needs to stop, I am tired of seeing sick & dying puppies and their devasted & ill informed new owners/caregivers!!!!! PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION and put an end to APC!!!!!

    • Ramona Duval MERIDEN, CT
      • over 2 years ago

      I stopped going to All Pets Club because they buy Puppies from Mills...I wont give my Money to a place that thinks Mills are OK.

    • Serena Brice PERTH, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      This has to stop on all levels its wrong


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