Allow DNA Testing for Kirstin Blaise Lobato
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Allow DNA Testing for Kirstin Blaise Lobato

    1. Michelle Ravell
    2. Petition by

      Michelle Ravell

      Las Vegas, NV

Kirstin Blaise Lobato is an innocent woman stuck in prison while evidence in her case goes untested for DNA.

In 2002 at 19 years old, Kirstin was convicted for the murder and sexual assault of a homeless man named Duran Bailey in Las Vegas. But there was no physical evidence tying Kirstin to the crime and the evidence that was tested for DNA actually excluded her. There were four identifiable crime scene fingerprints - none matched Kirstin’s. A bloody shoe print was found next to the body and a footprint expert testified that it came from a “U.S. men’s size 9 athletic shoe.” Pubic hair found on the victim was tested for DNA and the results excluded both Blaise and the victim as the hair’s source. Multiple people testified that Kirstin was nearly 200 miles away from Las Vegas at the time of the crime. 

What happened to Kirstin could happen to anyone. But now, Kirstin has the opportunity to prove her innocence if Clark County District Attorney Stephen Wolfson makes two very reasonable decisions: to allow DNA testing of crime scene evidence and to not file any opposition to Kirstin’s appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court.

The Innocence Project, an organization whose DNA testing work has freed 292 innocent people from prison, has offered to pay to test and re-test 13 pieces of evidence related to the crime using the latest in DNA technology and Wolfson still won’t allow it.

In addition to the DNA evidence, Kirstin has proven her innocence by way of her Habeas Corpus petition's new evidence grounds. If the State of Nevada District Attorney doesn't oppose her Appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court, justice will finally be served and she can regain her life.

Clark County District Attorney Stephen Wolfson has a chance to do the right thing and to seek true justice in the murder of Duran Bailey.

Please sign this petition and ask District Attorney Wolfson to allow DNA testing of crime scene evidence and to not file any opposition to Kirstin’s appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court.

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    1. Kirstin's case is on Snapped

      Michelle Ravell
      Petition Organizer
      Snapped Sneak Peek 1312: Kirstin Lobato, Part 1

      A troubled small-town teen moves to Las Vegas in search of adventure, but Sin City gives her much more than she bargained for. Is she guilty of a gruesome murder, or an innocent victim of circumstance?

    2. Please watch and encourage your friends and family to watch, too

      Michelle Ravell
      Petition Organizer
      AJAM Presents: The System | Al Jazeera America

      Al Jazeera America Presents, a new original series from Academy Award nominated filmmaker Joe Berlinger exploring controversial cases within the criminal justice system. He'll examine the underbelly and dark corners of the American justice system to investigate troubling cases embodying this all too human drama.

    3. Upcoming show about Kirstin's case

      Michelle Ravell
      Petition Organizer

      Please mark the date and watch if you can. The show airs on May 18th at 9pm EDT/6pmPDT. Kirstin's case is the premier episode.

      Q&A: Joe Berlinger of 'The System'

      Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Joe Berlinger has been a leading voice in the world of nonfiction film and television for 20 years, creating such critically acclaimed documentaries as "Brother's Keeper," "Paradise Lost" and "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster."

    4. Staying updated on the latest news

      Michelle Ravell
      Petition Organizer

      If you would like to stay updated on the latest news and court filings, please join our facebook group.

    5. Las Vegas Tribune supports Kirstin!!!

      Michelle Ravell
      Petition Organizer
      One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all...except for Kirstin Lobato

      We believers thank our Good Lord on a daily basis for the gifts He sends our way during the year, but Thanksgiving Day is a very special day when we thank Him for our families, friends, jobs and every little detail of our lives.

    6. Article in the Las Vegas Tribune

      Michelle Ravell
      Petition Organizer
      Truth does not suffer from close examination

      It amazes me that Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson, a man who has spent so many years as a criminal defense attorney and is very well aware of the injustices of the justice system, continues to deny Kirstin Blaise Lobato the right to DNA testing of the crime scene evidence that could exonerate her of any guilt of the horrible death of Duran Bailey, a homeless man.

    7. Playlist of videos about Kirstin's case

      Michelle Ravell
      Petition Organizer
      Las Vegas, Test the DNA for Kirstin Blaise Lobato!

      Videos about Kirstin Blaise Lobato, campaign videos, and news coverage about Kirstin's wrongful conviction in Clark County, Nevada. Learn more about the case by reading Michelle Ravell's petition at where 220,500 people have asked Las Vegas DA Steve Wolfson to allow the Innocence Project to pay for DNA testing of 18 pieces of evidence that would exonerate Kirstin after almost 12 years wrongfully convicted for a crime she not commit.

    8. Kirstin's case to be featured in a new documentary series

      Michelle Ravell
      Petition Organizer

      We have some very exciting news to share. Blaise's case has been chosen to appear on a new series called "The System" being produced by Radical Media with award-winning "Paradise Lost" filmmaker Joe Berlinger. Filming for her episode has just completed and the show is tentatively scheduled to air on Al Jazeera America in February or March of 2014.

      Let's keep spreading the word about Blaise's wrongful conviction and making the injustice in Las Vegas known. Share her story with your friends. Your voice makes such a difference!

    9. Reached 200,000 signatures
    10. Does Innocence Matter event in Las Vegas

      Michelle Ravell
      Petition Organizer

      Justice for Kirstin
      Jeffrey Deskovic, wrongfully imprisoned for 16 years and exonerated in 2006 with DNA testing
      Jason Puracal, a free man after being wrongfully imprisoned in Nicaragua for two years
      Steve Moore, former FBI agent
      Stephen Jackson, award-winning Las Vegas journalist

      Does Innocence Matter? Speakers panel (Thursday) and press conference with workshops (Friday).

      Thursday May 16, 2013 6:00 p.m. – Speakers Panel
      Friday May 17, 2013 10:00 a.m. – Press Conference and Workshops

      Thursday: 708 South 6th Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101
      Friday: Children’s Memorial Park, 6601 West Gowan Road Las Vegas, NV 89108 (Torrey Pines just North of R.E. Tobler Elementary School)

    11. The full version of the videos by William Jones

      Michelle Ravell
      Petition Organizer
      Prosecuting Kirstin Lobato: Full Version

      Kirstin Lobato was convicted of killing Duran Bailey in 2001, a crime she said she didn't commit. This video explores the details of the crime using evidence collected and the court record. For more information, go to

    12. Here are some great new videos about the facts of Kirstin's case.

      Michelle Ravell
      Petition Organizer

      Please watch and share. These videos are really great. Thanks for all you do.

      Prosecuting Kirstin Lobato, Part 1

      Kirstin Lobato was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in the murder of a homeless man. But there are very serious questions about her guilt. This series explores those questions. Watch Part 2: The Confession --

    13. Watch these short videos for more information.

      Michelle Ravell
      Petition Organizer
      What Kind Of An Investigation Was This? - Justice4Kirstin (Official)

      When you tell the police that the incident you are describing at the Budget Suites happened "over a month ago" and the murder they are investigating happened two weeks ago at an entirely different location - why would they just shut off the tape and arrest you?

    14. Call the DA and the Attorney General

      Michelle Ravell
      Petition Organizer

      Ask them why they won't allow the DNA testing. Please email us the details of your call at

      Phone number for AG Catherine Cortez Masto 775-684-1100
      Phone number for DA Steve Wolfson 702-671-2500 option 8

      Thanks for all you are doing to pass the word about Kirstin's wrongful conviction. Together we CAN make a difference.

    15. Reached 150,000 signatures
    16. Reply Brief filed

      Michelle Ravell
      Petition Organizer

      This is the final brief in Kirstin's case and details many of the factual inaccuracies and outright lies in the State's answer to her Nevada Supreme Court Appeal.

      We are close to 150,000 signatures. Please help us help Kirstin. Forward to all your friends and family and ask them to sign the petition.

      It is our voice that the DA will hear. Let's make a joyful and loud noise for Kirstin.

    17. Stay Updated on Twitter

      Michelle Ravell
      Petition Organizer

      Follow our twitter handle to stay updated on Kirstin's case.

      Free Kirstin Lobato (freekirstin) on Twitter

      Instantly connect to what's most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news.

    18. We have a letter writing event going on

      Michelle Ravell
      Petition Organizer

      This link has all the details for the letter writing campaign to the DA and the prosecutor. Please take a moment to write to them and ask them to test the DNA.


    19. Seattle publisher joins bid for Nevada prisoner

      Jonathan Perri
      Deputy Campaign Director

      A Seattle-based publisher is joining calls for DNA evidence testing that supporters say would exonerate a woman convicted in the July 2001 killing and sexual mutilation of a homeless man in Las Vegas.

      Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson declined comment Thursday about Justice Denied magazine producer and The Justice Institute chief Hans Sherrer's claim that a prosecutor made inaccurate statements to the Nevada Supreme Court and the media about Kirstin Lobato's case.


    Reasons for signing

    • Samantha Owusu SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • about 17 hours ago

      To reinstate confidence in the justice system, we must make sure the system is not open to blatant miscarriage of justice.

    • Elizabeth Bestor OXFORD, WI
      • about 20 hours ago

      Too many innocent people dying behind bars and its unwarranted. She isnt asking to be freed and go on her merry way. Shes just asking for a chance to prove she's not the monster they are saying she is. If someone else is willing to pay for tests to be carried out than there is NO just reason for denying her!

    • marc chavez OAK LAWN, IL
      • 1 day ago

      The justice system cannot not be allowed to be a one way road 0f allowing only evidence that convicts. The prosecution would not hesitate to allow the DNA evidence if it lead to a conviction yet blocks the same evidence because it would not only disprove the prosecutions case but also expose an ugly fact about the American justice system. That ugly fact is that the prosecution has no interest in justice. The prosecution willingly sacrifices justice and creates victims of the system in exchange for building up future political careers by stacking up convictions, damned be the collateral damage to parties that come under their scrutiny as they will never admit a mistake. They have become a modern day Inquisitor.

    • Joseph Wilcox FORT LAUDERDALE, FL
      • 1 day ago

      Save her life

    • Lisa Boyes GRINNELL, IA
      • 3 days ago

      This all seems rather ridiculous. Do you have some strong reason for this? How many 19-y/o girls do you know who go out of their way to sexually abuse a grown man who is homeless (and quite possibly could have alcohol and/or drugs in his system and become violent)?? Plus, there's a man's size shoe on the crime scene. The logic of this seems rather curious. What are you afraid of in expediting her DNA testing?


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