Freeze pay for Congress & the Senate until a budget is reached
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Freeze pay for Congress & the Senate until a budget is reached

    1. Lucy Rivera
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      Lucy Rivera

      philadelphia, PA

In light of the recent and not-so-recent budget battles, doesn't it make sense to stop the name calling and start the real negotiations? No matter party affiliation or background, no citizen of the United States of America should have an uncertain future because someone in Washington refuses to discuss their point like an adult, with well reasoned and logical explanations for what they believe and possible solutions for an end. That being said, the only possible "shove in the right direction" would be a freeze on all Congressional and Senate pay until a reasonable decision is made. This would ensure not only a speedy decision but protection for those who are most vulnerable, our seniors who's social security is at risk; Medicare, Medicaid and Federal Student loans that allow thousands of students to get an otherwise unreachable education.

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      Lucy Rivera
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      Aug 2 is coming closer and so is the chaos of a defaulted govn't. We cannot let the fat-cats in Washington break down our govn't

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