• Petitioned All major pharmacies mainly Walgreens and CVS

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All major pharmacies mainly Walgreens and CVS

To fill our pain medication e.g oxycodone

    1. Jeff Erlsten
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      Jeff Erlsten

      Fort Pierce, FL

People are really in pain and need these medications it is the job of the doctor to get rid of the junkies and drug dealers not the pharmacies! We should be able to walk into a walgreens or a CVS and fill our prescriptions! They are legal prescriptions from legal doctors! They shut down all of the pill mills a year ago! Why do you think you don't hear about it on the news anymore? So this petition is here to tell the pharmacies to do what they are supposed to do and fill prescriptions and stop profiling people on pain medication! Let the doctors do their jobs that they went to school several years to do! They can spot the people that don't need the medication! tell walgreens and CVS to fill our prescriptions! I'm tired of bieng profiled and biend told "we dont carry that medication" and all the other excuses I have been on pain management for 8 years and I can't find my medication now because walgreens and CVS won't fill my oxycodone! Please sign this and make walgreens and CVS do their job and not profiling everyone that gets oxycodone as a"junkie"

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    • Teresa Caffrey LAS VEGAS, NV
      • over 2 years ago

      Im tired of being judged because I am a chronic pain patient and need pain medication to survive!! The drug addicts have ruined life for honest pain patients and its not my job to see that it gets resolved!


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