Stop the eviction of the Albany Bulb
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Stop the eviction of the Albany Bulb

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Members of the Albany City Council:

We, the undersigned, oppose the expulsion of the community at the Albany Bulb until the City develops a plan to address the human and economic impacts that this eviction will have on the people of Albany—housed and unhoused.

Albany does not have a homeless shelter. Berkeley’s shelters are full. Bulb residents do not have a better option than staying in Albany. It’s neither realistic, nor fair, nor humane to expect to jettison human beings into Berkeley.

Albany does not have public housing, or designated low-income housing. The Berkeley Food and Housing Project has not yet been able to identify long-term, funded housing for a single Bulb resident.

If the City pushes people out of the Bulb without alternative housing, you will force our city’s homeless people to take refuge on the sidewalks of Albany just as the rainy season is beginning.

We insist that the City invest the resources necessary to find adequate, affordable, permanent housing or an alternative site for current Bulb residents—not the sidewalks of Albany. We need you to develop a real plan that won’t leave all the people of Albany out in the cold.

Peggy Thomsen, Mayor
Joanne Wile, Vice Mayor
Marge Atkinson, Council Member
Michael Barnes, Council Member
Peter Maass, Council Member
Stop the eviction of the Albany Bulb

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    • Margaret Anderson ST PAUL, MN
      • 5 months ago

      I love the art on the Albany Bulb. I love the beach. I love the freedom represented by what I see when I visit the bulb. It is my favorite Bay Area tourist location. The Albany Bulb is a unique situation in today's USA and as long as it is not destroyed from within and continues to be a safe place for residents and visitors, it would be a crime for our external society to destroy it.

    • Mirabelle Jones LOS ANGELES, CA
      • 5 months ago
    • Sylvie Stein BERKELEY, CA
      • 5 months ago

      Because the community at the Albany Bulb is compassionate, creative, and beautiful, and there is no housing for these people. They deserve a home, and have worked to make one -- it's unconscionable that the city would take that away, especially without providing any kind of alternative.

    • Gabriel Winter BERKELEY, CA
      • 5 months ago


    • Joseph Gomez BERKELEY, CA
      • 5 months ago

      This is a great place and a beautiful community has been created here. Anyone with a heart that has seen the place and met the residents wouldn't want this place to go away. If I was able to help rebuild any homes or the library, i'd be more than happy to do that. Idon't have money to go towards anything, but if there is anything I could do to help i will.


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