Stop pushing out the current landlord & keep the Coach & Horses independent
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Stop pushing out the current landlord & keep the Coach & Horses independent

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Norman's Coach & Horses has always been an iconic, independent landlord-driven, family-run pub. It still is! Famous for the 63 year tenure of London's Rudest Landlord, Norman Balon, for where Jeffrey Bernard was unwell and as home to the legendary Private Eye lunch, the Coach is one of the last remaining independent pubs in Soho.

It is now run by Alastair Choat and his family who have owned the lease since 2006, having taken over directly from the former landlord, Norman Balon. They have worked tirelessly to maintain this unique pub and have created a thriving business.

The Coach has always been a boozer, a little rough around the edges – that’s what makes it tick and separates it from the other chain pubs now taking over central London. It’s why it’s been such a hotbed for creative talent, inspiring writers and artists alike and just good old conversation. A great pub for the local people who live and work in Soho.

Since Fullers Smith & Turner plc acquired the freehold in June last year they have pursued a series of measures aimed at evicting the current landlord and damaging his trade.
This "family-run" pub company/brewery is forcing out a small family-run business in order to turn the pub into part of a vast managed chain estate. They have purchased 30 or more pubs in London in the last year and have turned them all into managed houses, removing the landlords. Only two landlords remain. The Coach & Horses is one of these last two pubs, fighting to keep its independence and its landlord in place.

Your vote on this will:
- Protect a true Soho institution from corporate homogeneity and brand obscurity
- Raise awareness to help drive a fairer deal for independent pubs for their rent, rates and the price of the beer they are forced to buy through the “tie”
- Ensure other important landmark pubs and their landlords are given a chance of survival

Show your support for this vital Soho institution and ensure the independent and creative spirit of this pub endures.

For more information – come and visit the pub, LIKE us on Facebook follow us on Twitter @Normanscoach  and support us at campaign events.

Please take a moment to send this to everyone you know.

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    • Delyse Silverstone PIPEWELL, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 9 months ago

      Development which closes down iconic buildings with social facilities such as these must be resisted esp veggie ones!!!!!

    • Eliane Testone LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 10 months ago

      the pub is awesome

    • chris blenkiron NORWICH, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 year ago

      spent many "formative "years there in the 60's and 70's and met many of the regulars.There and at Ronnies.

      long live SOHO.

      • about 1 year ago

      i am an ex pub landlord who had a tennanted pub. the brewer wanted family freindly pub.i more than acheived this.good food quiz nights two pool teams live comedy live football; live entertainment saturday nights were legend. weddings funerals barmitzvas christenings . car boots bungee jumps summer plant sales. no scallies no scumbags no druggies . then i started to struggle . no help nothing in six years.i threw the towel in.the pub is in a good area it been opened closed open closed, scallies are back drug raid management companies one set of tennants lasted seven months before they were tossed out they never paid a penny rent rates gas electric. they bought beer out of tye. next tennant exactly the same sorry to bang on my, but my point is ;they dont give a shit, as we say upt north. good luck mate.

    • Jim Brettell LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM
      • over 1 year ago

      I'm still a Londoner and this is an iconic pub - leave it alone!


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