Alaska Aces: Make an "It Gets Better" video
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Alaska Aces: Make an "It Gets Better" video

    1. Michael Swanson
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      Michael Swanson

      O'Fallon, IL

Sean Chapin petitioned the San Francisco Giants to make an "It Gets Better" video to fight the harassment, abuse, and bullying of LGBT teens. So far, no hockey team, NHL, WCHL, ECHL, or other renowned hockey teams have produced a video to tell gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgendered students that "It Gets Better."

Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers, was fined $100,000 for calling "Benny" a "f***ing faggot*. Another NBA player, for a different team, was also fined for using the slur.

We get it. Sports can get people riled up to say things they never meant to say in the first place. Once the damage is done, you can never take it back. Think before you speak.

Teenagers look up to sports players as their role models. They don't need their role models to tell them "It's OK to call someone a faggot whether they are gay or not." In childhood, our parents taught us that "If you can't say anything nice. Don't say anything at all." Too bad the future of tomorrow is being influenced otherwise.

People don't deserve to be called things based on religion, ethnic background, sexual orientation, body appearance, etc. It's time to make a change for the better, as well as the future.

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    1. Wow

      Michael Swanson
      Petition Organizer

      I apologize guys. I haven't updated this at all since my school year has started. I have been trying to keep up in my Honors classes and my other 4 classes. But please share this petition and sign it where possible. :) Much appreciated.

    2. Back in Business

      Michael Swanson
      Petition Organizer

      It's running in to the end of 2011. Let's hope for 2000 signatures by then. only 1929 to go.

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    4. Michael Swanson
      Petition Organizer

      Tell your friends about this petition by sharing it! Let's get the Alaska Aces to be one of the first (or the first) hockey team to make an It Gets Better video!

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