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Alabama Voters Opposed to Forced Ultrasound (SB12)

    1. Barbara Evans
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      Barbara Evans

      arab, AL


This procedure is not medically necessary and is instead merely a political tactic to undermine women's reproductive options and a blatant attempt to legislate morality and emotionally damage women.

It seeks to make ultrasound (transvaginal or abdominal) a requirement and requires the practitioner to share the images with the woman receiving abortion services, even if it is necessary to remove a miscarried fetus or ectopic pregnancy.

In the US, we are given the right to refuse certain medical services and this legislation attempts to violate and remove those rights because of the moral objections of others who are not receiving the service. This legislation is unconstitutional and therefore violates the Fourth Amendment. 


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    2. Ectopic Pregnancy removed from the bill! Miscarriage remains.

      Barbara Evans
      Petition Organizer

      Even if they remove the content concerning miscarriage and add in rape/incest exceptions, it's still unnecessary legislation!

      "In general, it is better to avoid legislating medical practice, with a few exceptions for matters of public health. Medicine, if properly practiced, is based on evidence. ... by the time a medical textbook is printed, it is out of date. The law can be slower and harder to change than a textbook. We can and do legislate morality. But we can’t legislate science.

      Decades ago, we thought x-rays and Acetaminophen were safe. Ultrasounds, as far as we know are safe—but what if we’re wrong and they cause side effects later? It’s better not to do any medical test /treatment unless there is a known medical benefit.

      A better way to regulate medical care is through oversight by licensing boards. Lawsuits provide an additional means of reining in bad doctors. There are also more general laws requiring informed consent before surgical procedures, including abortions."

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